Finding the proper storage unit for your business can be a trickier process than you initially thought. You have the location of the facility to consider, as well as the perks. Will you be able to visit after hours to prepare for tomorrow’s workday? How are you and your staff going to pack up and transfer everything there without disturbing regular business hours? No matter the reason for obtaining a storage unit for your commercial equipment, CRS Moving & Storage has your back.

Operating in the tri-state area for over 20 years, we are a team of experienced moving and storage professionals. We recognize the dedication it takes to run a business—big or small. We have successfully moved and helped over 5,000 local businesses. Our goal is to take some of the stress off your shoulders by providing high-quality moving and storage services for your business in Queens.

The Benefits of Partnering With CRS Moving & Storage in Queens

CRS Moving & Storage prides itself on being more than just a lock and key unit. We take a small business approach to a large corporation idea, allowing us to operate like a highly-efficient mom-and-pop business. Staff is onsite to help answer your questions and concerns and get the most out of your storage unit. Additional benefits to your business that our other clients rave about include:

Lower Costs

Real estate in New York is infamously expensive. Upgrading to a larger space can be pricey, as can finding one with good storage options. Utilizing a flexible unit with adjustable racks can be an affordable option for all of your storage needs. Whether it’s unused equipment or seasonal goods, our team will work out the logistics with you in a free session. We take the quantity and the dimensions of your items to handpick the most affordable and accommodating unit for your specific needs.

Additionally, we provide an in-house inventory management system. We regularly inventory your stored items so you can save money and time.

Moving Services

In addition to storage, CRS Moving & Storage is also a commercial moving company. We own moving vans and also provide any and all packaging equipment to keep all of your belongings safe. This can include packing paper, tape, and even specially-sized boxes for your unique or bulky items. A manager will oversee the entire moving process, including inventory, so all of your commercial equipment is accounted for.

Eco-Friendly Liquidation Options

If you are cleaning the house and want some items stored and some items liquidated, we can help. Our team is qualified to dispose of even trickier items, like IT equipment or technology. If you are looking to donate, dispose, or recycle, just let us know and we can begin to package up the unwanted items.

Additionally, CRS Moving & Storage makes an effort to have all of our services be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Moving equipment is reused and we properly dispose of all e-waste to ensure no toxins are leaked into the environment.

A Storage Facility You Can Trust

Entrusting another business with your merchandise or equipment is a big deal, and we do not take it lightly. Our facilities are made of fireproof concrete and steel and have 24/7 security. We work with you to choose a unit that allows for proper storage maintenance so nothing is broken in the process. Other perks CRS Moving & Storage provides to maintain the quality of your business’s precious cargo include the following:

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Onsite staff
  • Adjustable racks for storage optimization
  • Centrally-located facilities
  • Inventory management system to easily monitor goods

Additionally, we offer 24/7 access so you may stop by before, after, or during regular business hours. We are here to make your life easier, as we know how hectic the workday can be. If you also need to knock out some work while you’re visiting, you can utilize our wi-fi and hang out in your unit.

Meet All of Your Storage Needs With CRS Moving & Storage Today

CRS Moving & Storage is an affordable way to ensure your extra commercial equipment is actively monitored and safe. We have five locations spread across the tri-state area and are sure to be in close proximity to your business in Queens. If you are worried about your budget or have any other concerns about the moving and storage process, we provide a free logistics session. A qualified member of our team can help talk you through our different size options and how we can best help your business. We’re here to support you through the entire process, whether your storage needs are long- or short-term.

Reserve your unit today by calling us at (718) 424-6000 or through our online contact form. Our Queens warehouse storage is available through phone or video call and is excited to begin the storage process today!