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Plexi/Glass Barriers and Furniture Extensions

Barriers to prevent germs and viruses from spreading in a workspace.

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Plexi/Glass Barriers and Furniture Extensions

You can reinforce social distancing and physical separation while protecting your employees at the office with Plexi/Glass Barriers and Furniture Extensions. Having these barriers to prevent germs and viruses from quickly spreading in a workspace is vital for the health and cleanliness of shared workspaces. CRS is offering clients Plexi/Glass Barriers for existing office furniture and layouts, helping you to protect your staff while they’re returning to work! 

At CRS, our Plexi/Glass Barriers and Furniture Extension Services Include: 

  • Plexi/Glass Barriers Tailored Options
  • Plexi/Glass, Hardware, & Material Procurement
  • Receipt, Delivery, and Installation Services
  • Warehousing & Receiving Services

CRS Moving & Storage offers three varieties of Plexi/Glass Barrier installation options. We’re pleased to provide Commercial Grade Products with flexible lead times for both large and small quantities. Choose from our selection of freestanding and mobile barriers, along with furniture extensions that can easily and quickly be added to any commercial area without sustaining costly construction.  

Free Standing Plexi/Glass Barriers

Our Free Standing Plexi/Glass Barriers option is perfect for all (no panel) benching or common area work surfaces. With minimal installation required, our team can have your office set up with barriers to safeguard your employees in no time! Clients can choose from a variety of commercial-grade glass options, including:

  • Plexi/Acrylic,
  • Polycarbonate &
  • Tempered Glass.

Each of these materials is available in custom sizes that are easy to clean and disinfect. Divide large workspaces into private and separate areas to add privacy and social distancing to your office facilities. 

Plexi/Glass Furniture Extensions

Safeguard everyone in your office with Plexi/Glass Furniture Extensions. This option is ideal for all mid-height panel systems and requires moderate installation. For added customization, Furniture Extensions include multiple mounting options and custom sizes. Designed to attach to existing furniture and workstations, Furniture Extensions provide an additional layer of physical protection without lessening visibility. These commercial-grade glass options also include Plexi/Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and Tempered Glass.

Plexi/Glass Full-Height Mobile Barriers

Divide large rooms into private and separate areas with Full-Height Mobile Barriers. This selection is perfect for any office layout and can be moved easily to use wherever needed. Full-Height Mobile Barriers require moderate installation and include multiple design options. 

Screens can be hinged together to create private areas, hallways, walls, and rooms without expensive construction.

How Do Plexi/Glass Barrier Installation and Furniture Extension Work?

For years, CRS has been providing clients with turn-key logistics and facilities solutions services, including:

  • Moving
  • Storage
  • Liquidation
  • Furniture installation
  • Move management
  • Furniture repair & reupholstery
  • Cleaning & disinfecting

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, the Furniture Division has been procuring custom Plexi/glass solutions for short- or long-term solutions for client’s spaces as they prepare to return to work. CRS will procure all glass and hardware, receive items in our warehouse, and deliver and install them on site.

Complete Product Management & Quality Control

CRS will procure the right solution for you from a variety of suppliers. Once confirmed, CRS will order and receive all items before the final delivery and installation is scheduled. Before any item enters our warehouse facility, CRS takes a detailed inventory and documentation, as well as pictures. An inventory report is shared with each client online, so they have live confirmation and control over their items as they’re being received.

World Class Installation Services

Our experienced Installation Team has been reconfiguring existing furniture and installing new furniture for clients for several years. Using creative and cost-effective solutions, we always complete installation projects on or under budget for clients with varying needs.

Let CRS Help You Reopen for Business with Plexi/Glass Barriers

Maintaining a safe distance from co-workers and taking preventative measures of wearing face masks helps keep a shared workspace safe from spreading germs from person to person. Sometimes, however, an invisible wall of six feet in distance is not enough, and extra measures are necessary to keep employees, customers, and colleagues safe. That’s when our Plexi/Glass Barriers & Furniture Extensions become the perfect solution.

CRS Moving & Storage has been providing clients with unsurpassed logistics and facilities services since 2002. We provide world-class services to businesses throughout NYC who need storage, moving, and creative ways to keep their employees and customers safe. Fill out our online contact form or call our office today at 718-424-6000 for a free quote.

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