A corporate move involves more than packing up office files and moving furniture. In today’s age of technology, a company’s electronic assets are vital to managing and performing its services. CRS offers professional IT relocation and support services as part of our moving process. Depending on your IT team’s needs, we can provide any level of support necessary to help them prepare important steps to get your equipment moved and set back up. We are here to eliminate downtime during all of our move projects to keep your business up and running as much as possible during this transition.

NYC IT Relocation Services You Can Count On

CRS offers a broad array of IT relocation services for our clients who seek to relocate their businesses efficiently and within the timeline. These featured options create a more customizable move plan that covers many aspects involved in IT relocation.

Workstation break down and set up. Our specially-trained IT team follows a specific process to move desktop workstations, office computers, and other technological equipment to your new building safely.

Relocating data centers. Moving data centers is a challenging process that requires careful planning, execution, and possibly additional assistance post-move. CRS utilizes our professional IT technicians to implement every step of your IT relocation process to avoid any complications in the process.

IT relocation planning and management. All of our IT moves are supervised and organized by an IT professional to provide upfront planning.

Deployment of hardware. If you are planning a new technology roll-out at your new space, our tech teams will complete setups and testing of all new equipment like phones and computing systems. This allows your team to focus on running your business and other essential tasks.

IT inventory management. CRS makes sure every piece of your equipment goes from point A to point B without anything getting lost. We itemize and account for your technology assets before and after your IT relocation.

Recycling of unwanted equipment. When companies move, they usually have items they want to dispose of in an environmentally-friendly way. CRS cares about sustainability and offers recycling and donation services whenever possible for any e-waste materials you might have.

What is the IT Relocation Process?

CRS provides a one-stop shop approach for our corporate move customers. It’s important that your experience has minimal stress or unplanned surprises. To help accomplish this, we focus on executing the following phases quickly, efficiently, and within your budget:

Plan Ahead

Everyone knows that planning is essential when conducting company relocation. A solid moving plan will not only lay the groundwork for a successful move but also save you time and money. CRS works with your IT team to seamlessly blend a technology relocation plan in with the larger company moving schedule. This gets method gets everyone back to work sooner, minimizes downtime, and lessens connectivity issues.

IT Relocation Management

CRS handles moves of all sizes with the same focused professionalism. Whether you are a small firm or a vast data center, our team manages the entire IT relocation process from start to finish. We bring the correct packing materials, appropriate moving equipment, and a team with IT industry training and knowledge to prepare, move, and set up your valuable IT assets.

On-Site Project Manager

On moving day, you won’t find yourself alone with unfamiliar moving staff because your CRS assigned project manager will be monitoring the entire process by your side. His role ensures all equipment is packed correctly, protected during transport, and reconnected with no surprises or glitches on arrival at your new location.

Support After the IT Relocation

CRS understands that a new business space might unexpectedly need additional adjustments or reconfigurations. Our team of seasoned IT professionals is here to provide continued support. Whether this situation is ongoing or temporary, we are here for your company and will help develop solutions to prevent downtime and minimize disruptions as much as possible.

How to Plan an IT Relocation in Queens

CRS is a full-service storage and corporate relocation company in NYC that has offered over 15 years of trusted IT relocation services for companies transitioning to a new office or space. Our services are unsurpassed in the Queens corporate community, and we are committed to making your move seamless and as stress-free as possible. Our clients trust our service to plan, manage, and execute a relocation according to their personalized timeline and budget needs.

At CRS Corporate Relocation Systems, we treat all moves with the same importance. Whether you are a large corporate data center or a small marketing office, we can handle any size project put before us. Contact us today to learn more at (718) 424-6000, and also get a FREE move plan and logistics session.