White glove moving services are offered to keep your luxury items safe. CRS Moving & Storage understands the need for a moving company that puts in a little extra care for your fragile goods. Whether you are a business owner with expensive and complicated equipment or a house owner with a busy schedule and valuable furniture, our white glove moving services have you covered.

We have successfully moved over 5,000 clients in our over 20 years of business in New York. Our dedicated team is qualified to provide high-quality service that moves both quickly and delicately. No move is too big or too small or too far. Our goal is not just to move you from Point A to Point B and call it a day. Our Queens white glove movers are here to ease the stress and chaos of packing up and moving provides.

Why Partner With CRS For Your Moving Needs?

As a full-service moving company, CRS Moving & Storage works with our clients every step of the way. This involves an initial, free logistics plan where we will go over what exactly needs to be done. If it is your business, we will work with you to prevent any hiccups during regular business hours and assess any IT equipment or technology requiring special setup or take down. Our team is qualified to put together even the most complicated of IT equipment so your employees don’t have to skip a beat.

If you are moving the family across the state and don’t have the time to pack up all of your furniture and goods, we have that covered too. All moving materials are provided, like padding paper and custom-made crates. This ensures your items are left unscathed. We handle your home and your business like we do our own: with respect and care. Additional perks our clients have loved include:

  • Cleaning of old property and preparation of the new property
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Complete inventorying of all items
  • The turning in of any keys or other required items

Your move is completely overseen by a CRS Moving & Storage professional. This guarantees no items are harmed or go missing during the relocation process. Contact our white glove movers in Queens today to get started on your move.

Benefits of Choosing a White Glove Moving Company

CRS Moving & Storage is a one-stop shop for your relocation needs. We fully oversee the entire process. Our team is composed of project managers, professional storage workers, cleaners, IT equipment handlers, and more skilled and knowledgeable staff. This allows us to include many additional benefits to the regular moving service, such as the following:

Access to Local Storage Facilities

Occasionally, moving requires temporary storage. If your leases happen to not overlap or there is even a significant gap between residing periods, CRS Moving & Storage has five centrally-located storage facilities across the tri-state area. Our storage units are suitable for your short- and long-term needs and are designed to keep all of your belongings safe between moves. The facilities are constructed out of fireproof concrete and steel, and all of the units are climate controlled.

Additionally, our inventory management system can be utilized as a way to track your items. This can be especially useful for businesses that are storing goods or merchandise.

Liquidation Options

Often, in the midst of the moving process, you form three piles: to keep, to donate, to throw away. CRS Moving & Storage offers liquidation services for any unwanted or unused items. This can look like transportation to a recycling center, donation center, or even to a proper disposal location for items such as electronics. We are qualified to liquidate even the trickier items, like e-waste, and ensure no toxins are leaked during the process.

Eco-Friendly Service Model

Our white glove moving company in Queens prides itself on its environmentally-friendly moving model. By using company-owned trucks and green packing and moving materials, we are happy to say we produce a lot less greenhouse gas emissions than the average relocation company. Our packaging materials are all recyclable and reused. The best part is that we provide all of these materials with every order, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Schedule a Free Logistics Session With Our White Glove Moving Company in Queens, NY Today

You can begin the moving process as quickly as today by scheduling a free logistics session. A project manager will assist you in finding the most affordable and efficient option for your white glove move. You can rest assured your business or home is in good hands, as CRS Moving & Storage has consistently demonstrated its commitment to quality services. As part of the Metropolitan Movers Association, we service all five boroughs and will move you as far as you need to go.

To begin discussing how we can best help you today, give us a call at (718) 424-6000 or fill out our online contact form. Our office moving company in Queens is sure to not let you down.