Small and large businesses may find themselves running out of space in their area of operation. Whether it’s to help declutter a workspace or store office furniture until needed, a commercial storage unit can significantly help businesses continue their operations without the high cost of renting or acquiring a new building.

At CRS Moving & Storage, our team has provided unparalleled storage solutions to the corporate community in Queens for over a decade. We provide a large selection of services that help businesses fine-tune and customize their storage plan to help minimize their cost and save them the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. CRS is fully insured and licensed, meaning businesses can be confident that their valuable items are protected and safe at all times. Our CRS team is ready to help you find the best storage solutions for your business needs.

The Benefits of Commercial Storage Units for Businesses

Running a successful business often requires making the right investments to help the business succeed. For some businesses, a perfect investment is a commercial storage unit because of the following benefits.

1. Increase Security

A business’s inventory and other supplies are vital to its operations. However, sometimes their workspace isn’t set up to have the security necessary to ensure the safety of those items. A commercial storage unit will likely offer extra security 24/7, ensuring valuable items remain safe.

2. Guaranteed Climate Control

Certain items, tools, materials, or equipment must be stored in climate-controlled spaces to help preserve them and prevent damage. Not every business can have a space to store things that require climate control, but commercial storage units are designed to prevent damage.

3. Free Up Workplace Space

No matter the size of your workspace, inventory can accumulate and take up valuable space that disrupts the workflow. A storage unit can hold those items that are taking up space but are still vital to your business operations. With those belongings in a safe location, your workspace will be decluttered, and you can organize the space to make it easy to navigate and encourage productivity.

4. Extra Space Without Significant Capital Investment

Not every business can afford or needs to buy or rent a new building to create space for all their materials. A storage unit offers a convenient and less expensive option for businesses who need the space but don’t want or need an entirely new space.

5. Seasonal Items Are Accessible but Not in the Way

Many businesses may obtain equipment or merchandise that is only used at certain times in the year. When those things aren’t used, they can be an inconvenience and even a disruption. Placing them in a storage unit guarantees easy access for when they’re needed without them having to take up space in the workspace.

How to Organize a Commercial Storage Unit for Frequent Access

Getting a storage unit to put things into sounds like a phenomenal idea that can sometimes be more of a headache than help if the unit isn’t organized for optimal efficiency. Planning before stocking up the unit can help prevent future headaches and ensure you can readily find and access what you need. Below are some helpful tips to help organize your commercial storage unit to best work for you.

1. Identify Items by Access

Some things going into the unit will need to be accessed more frequently than others. A good way to keep the unit organized is to put items that will be needed less frequently towards the back, and items near the front of the unit should be items that will be used the most.

2. Label Each Box Carefully

Labeling boxes for optimal use requires more attention to detail than is generally exercised. The more detail that is written about the boxes contains, the easier an item will be able to be located. Creating a labeling system and coordinating that with a master content list can be a great way to ensure you don’t need to hunt through every box for one thing.

3. Create a Master Contents List

As helpful as it is to label a box carefully, it still requires walking through the unit and looking at the boxes to find the item you need. Pairing carefully labeled containers with a master inventory list inside the unit can help prevent a hunt through the unit. A master list should make a note of what’s inside the unit, in what boxes, and in what area of the unit it has been stored.

4. Create a Map of the Unit and Keep It Where You Can See It

A lot of time and planning goes into organizing boxes by access, creating a labeling system, and an inventory list. While all these things together are incredibly helpful, visuals can also significantly help find things and ensure that your items can be reached when needed.

Commercial Storage Space for Queens Business at CRS Moving & Storage

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