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Disinfecting & Electrostatic Spraying

Sanitizing and electrostatic spraying for your office.

The most effective method for sanitizing your office’s desktops, walls, floors, and hard to reach areas.

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Disinfecting & Electrostatic Spraying

When sharing a common workspace, germs and bacteria rapidly accumulate in a short time. Office furniture, carpeting, keyboards, phones, and heavily trafficked common areas are known to harbor some of the highest amounts of germs. Keeping a healthy and sanitary work environment is essential now more than ever to protect your employees from viruses like COVID-19 and other microbes. 

Provide your employees the peace of mind they need to maintain a productive work environment with regular sanitizing of the workplace. CRS offers clients the perfect solution with world-class sanitizing and electrostatic spraying that provides a safer and faster 360-degree sanitization of your office. 

How Does Electrostatic Spraying Work?

CRS uses the most efficient method with a comprehensive scope to sterilize your office with state-of-the-art electrostatic spraying technology. All spray droplets are pumped through an electrostatic charging ring and then exits through the nozzle. The positive electrostatic charge injected into the droplet allows the droplet to cover surfaces equally proportioned.

The Electrostatic Sprayer uses the positively charged ions with EPA-approved disinfectants for spraying a continuous mist that envelopes all surfaces – no matter which angle you use to spray. After the solution settles, the sanitizing agent thoroughly cleanses the covered surfaces. This electrostatic spraying method effectively cleans the entire facility from floor to ceiling. Within minutes of application, your office is ready to use. Electrostatic spraying is an exceptional solution for combating germs and bacteria hidden in the workplace. 

CRS Uses EPA Approved Disinfectants to Fight Against Pathogens Including COVID-19 

CRS uses EPA approved disinfectants that fight off viral, bacterial, and fungal infections in addition to Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, TB, C. Difficile, biofilm, and more. The chemicals used are worry-free and safe for people, animals, and plants that come into contact with them. Employers have a responsibility to create a safe working environment for their employees. With CRS Moving & Storage’s disinfecting and electrostatic spraying service, businesses can fight against flu and cold-causing germs all year long. 

Advantages of Electrostatic Spray Disinfectant Service 

Electrostatic spray disinfecting is the most effective method for sanitizing your office’s desktops, walls, and floors. The same is true for safely sanitizing hard to reach areas and heavily-used electronics such as keyboards, phones, and laptops. There is no risk of damage, making electrostatic spray disinfecting the full-scale solution to remove pathogens and bacteria from your place of business. 

Benefits of electrostatic spray disinfection include: 

  • Cover and apply disinfectant to all surfaces and hard to reach areas in 50% of the time compared to traditional cleaning methods
  • Prevent the spread of infection and viruses at the office, such as COVID-19, influenza, MRSA, and HIV 
  • Chemicals are applied in a more controlled and effective method, reducing the risk of overexposure
  • Removes human error and cross-contamination from microfiber cloth to surface

Disinfecting & Electrostatic Spraying for Your NYC Business

Now is the opportune time to thoroughly sanitize your business’ working space. If you’re ready to have your office space and furniture professionally sanitized and cleaned, CRS has the tailored solution to fit your needs. CRS Moving & Storage has been providing clients with unsurpassed logistics and facilities services since 2002. To learn more about our wide variety of services to benefit your commercial business, complete an online contact form, or call anytime 24/7 for a free consultation at 718-424-6000.

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