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7 Ways to Save Money During a Commercial Move

May 3, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Ways to Save Money During a Commercial MoveA commercial move is an exciting time filled with new opportunities and settling into an exciting new space. While you may think you have budgeted for the basic costs of a commercial move, you may find that there are some unforeseen expenses that you didn’t budget for later down the line. In order to avoid paying any more than you anticipated, there are a few ways to avoid certain costs and maybe even save money in the process.

At CRS Moving & Storage, we are seasoned professionals at helping you move from location A to location B with the least amount of stress, hassle, and time needed to get you settled in a new location. 

7 Ways to Save Money During a Commercial Move 

Even though a commercial move can be a mix of excitement and overwhelm, being adequately prepared will save you some stress and also potentially moving costs. These seven tips are ways to mitigate any unforeseen expenses or budget better for the move ahead. 

1. Audit Your Current Inventory 

In order to save money and time, if you consider doing an audit of your current inventory before your move and dispose of any inessential items. A commercial move is an opportune time to sort through files, cabinets, and other storage spaces to log assets or cut down on your stock. The time it takes to move large office equipment and furniture is substantial; tackling the smaller items before moving day can help make room in your budget for other moving needs. 

2. Consider DIY Packing 

DIY packing is a great way to save money during a commercial move. However, even though it could seem like a good idea to have employees help you pack certain items, it’s best to save the actual moving to professionals. Depending on your office, you may also be able to save boxes ahead of time rather than purchasing them. 

3. Plan to Move During the Off-Season 

Moving during the off-season could be a great option if you are able to do so. Summer months are typically peak season due to the long daylight hours and pleasant weather. Moving companies may offer off-season rates that may save you money during your commercial move. 

4. Negotiate With New Service Providers 

Something you may not consider in a commercial move is the discounted rates offered through some service providers when you decide to try out a different provider. Negotiate with new service providers for better rates on things like utilities, phone plans, internet service, water, cleaning, or electricity. This can save money in the long run if you research the best rates offered in your area ahead of time. 

5. Consider Insuring Your Valuables 

You may have valuable IT equipment, furniture appliances, or other assets you may be worried about during your commercial move. Additionally, you may have items that require disassembly and reassembly in your new space. Replacement of any lost parts or damaged items may be costly. Ensuring your valuables can help you save money in the event of anything becoming lost or damaged in the transition. 

6. Schedule Anticipated Downtime 

With relocating your office space, there may come some downtime to get settled in. Schedule ahead for unpacking, equipment setup, or other possible distractions in the transition. Scheduling all anticipated downtime can help save money and keep you from losing revenue due to unexpected obstacles. 

7. Hire Experienced Movers 

A commercial move is a big undertaking. Hiring reputable moving professionals can save you a lot of pressure, stress, and unexpected obstacles. Good quality movers can ensure your equipment and valuable assets are safely transported and that the process is streamlined to save you time. 

How CRS Can Help With Your Commercial Move 

So many details and research go into a commercial move. Working with a team of skilled moving professionals can simplify the planning and organization process while offering cost-effective, customized solutions to get you to your new location seamlessly. At CRS Moving & Storage, we have 20 years of experience providing our clients with reputable relocation and storage services. 

We have completed over 5,000 commercial moves and are equipped to handle a wide scale of commercial offices, regardless of size or location. Let us help you get there by calling (718) 424-6000 or filling out our contact form.

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