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What Order to Follow When Unpacking After a Corporate Move

April 14, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

The Best Order of Unpacking Furniture and Equipment After a Corporate MoveGetting everything off the moving truck and into your new location is bound to be a great relief. One enormous task is completed, but now you have a new one ahead of you: unpacking. Like packing, unpacking can be a long and arduous process, too. It can take ages to unpack and set everything up, and you need to resume your business as soon as possible. 

There are strategies to make your unpacking process efficient. By unpacking your office in a particular order, you’ll have access to everything you need as soon as you need it. Just like packing and moving, unpacking and setting everything up is a part of the relocation process. 

The Best Order of Unpacking Furniture and Equipment After a Corporate Move

Unpacking your equipment in the correct order can keep you from having to constantly rearrange and juggle items later on in the unpacking process. It also helps prevent items from getting lost, as they will get placed in their correct position as soon as they are unpacked. Below is the order you should follow.

Most Frequently Used Furniture

Once you’re in your new office, the items you’ll need to use most immediately are the furniture you need to arrange workspaces. Your desks, tables, and chairs should be some of the first things put out. While the office is still largely empty, you can think carefully about the best way to arrange your workspace.

Everyday Technology and Office Equipment

The next most frequently used items in your office are the technology you use every day, so your next step is to install all of your technical equipment. Employees will need their desktops, keyboards, mouses, and other peripherals to get their work done.

In addition to computers, employees will also need access to regularly used equipment. While you and your employees may not use them every day, you should install large office equipment early in the unpacking process. Equipment like printers, copiers, and fax machines will need a lot of space, so you want to make sure that the layout you have in mind for your new office has enough room for them.

Less Frequently Used Items 

Furniture like bookshelves and filing cabinets are used for storage, so you may not visit them often, but they serve an important purpose. They hold valuable resources like books, archived files, and other materials that you may need to reference from time to time. Once your furniture has been placed in its final location, these documents and materials can be carefully organized and returned to where they were previously stored. 

Office Supplies

After taking care of all the larger items, it’s time to unpack your office supplies. Pens, staplers, notepads, and paper are smaller items that typically take up space on desks and inside drawers, with extras usually stored in a supply closet. These items are useful but aren’t typically needed immediately after a move-in.

Artwork and Decorations

After all of the necessary items have been unpacked and set up, you may begin to unpack your artwork and decorations. Once a move is completed, decorating is always the final step. Art and decor are not essential for your business’s daily operations, but they make your office look hospitable. As you and your employees get accustomed to your new office, decide where you want to place decorative items like wall clocks, paintings, photos, and office plants.

Discuss Installation Services With Corporate Relocation Experts

So much time and energy goes into unpacking and setting up everything you need for your office to function effectively. Many people believe you’re done moving after you reach your new location, but there’s still work to be done once you get there. Experts in corporate relocation services know how to get the job done from beginning to end. 

If your company’s relocation needs include installation services, then look to the expert movers at CRS Moving & Storage to fulfill your needs. CRS has been providing clients with reliable corporate relocation services for more than 20 years. Our highly trained staff has developed a reputation for reliable service, completing more than 5,000 corporate moves. To learn more about what CRS can do for you, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (718) 424-6000 for a Free Move Plan & Logistics Session.

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