CRS-Corporate Relocation Systems, Inc.’s move of the month is a Technology Real Estate Company in New York City.

What Is the Technology Real Estate Company’s Profile?

Relocation Profile:

  • Technology Real Estate
  • New York City
  • Turn-Key Solutions Partnership
  • 5+ Immediate Offices to Move
  • Pre Move Meetings and Management

How Did CRS Movers Help Facilitate This Relocation? Move of the Month March 2020

CRS has been providing unsurpassed relocation and storage solutions for clients over the last 18 years. With the amount of experience and seasoned professionals staffed, CRS not only moves clients but also walks clients through an unforgettable, stress-free relocation experience.

A Technology Real Estate Company with multiple NYC locations reached out to CRS for support to partner and manage relocations of all sizes moving forward. What this client realized was the Request for Proposal (RFP) Process was too cumbersome and time-consuming to complete every time there was an upcoming move, especially those with little notice. Also, without a partner, this client continued to try different vendors for each move, as none met the expectations that they were looking for or standardized the move process between office moves. This placed the Technology Real Estate Company in a difficult position, not having a partner they could depend on for any relocation in the NY Area.

The reason CRS was awarded and selected as the Technology Real Estate Company’s partner was due to the consistent, successful results that all clients experience. CRS’ Move Management Process and strong internal infrastructure allow clients to always have a stress-free and seamless moving experience. No matter if there are 2 staff members with monitors and a few boxes or 2,000 employees moving furniture, contents, and electronics, CRS creates the most efficient plan that provides the least disruption.

Before each move, CRS assesses the size and complexity of the project and decides which steps are necessary to ensure success. For example, when only a handful of staff are moving, CRS will assign a dedicated Account and Project Manager to plan and work directly with the point of contact to confirm all floor plan numbering and labeling, move logistics (building information, start times, etc.), and provide the resources to execute the move successfully.

With larger size relocations, CRS will assign a dedicated Move Manager, Account Manager, and Project Manager to work alongside a designated client team throughout the entire process. If there is construction, CRS’ Move Manager will attend all pre-construction and move meetings, keeping in touch with all of the vendors involved throughout the project.

CRS Move Managers will schedule weekly pre-move meetings with the client, confirming any outstanding details and making the necessary changes to accommodate the client’s needs (i.e., changing move dates, staff seating, furniture configurations, etc.). CRS will also facilitate multiple on-site meetings with all staff, making sure there are no concerns or confusion with the labeling, packing, or move process. Prior to each move phase, CRS will identify key CRS Team Members (Additional Project Managers or Foreman) that will be assigned to checkpoints at origin and destination locations.

There will be necessary redundancies in place, in case of any unforeseen challenges (i.e., unexpectedly sharing freight elevators with other vendors, elevator breakdowns, street shutdowns, unexpected traffic delays, etc.), to mitigate as much risk as possible. Post-Move Services will always adapt to what the client needs, whether it’s less or more support.

Was This Move by CRS Movers a Success?

CRS having an IT Disconnect and Reconnect Service also appealed to the Technology Real Estate Company. In this case, the client’s in-house IT Team could not make it to the site or were too involved with the labor of installing a server room or other projects. CRS has the ability to mobilize a team for immediate work involving the disconnect and reconnect of all user technology on site.

The Technology Real Estate Company has offices scaling from two to hundreds of staff, per office location. CRS provides a proven methodology with fair pricing, for excellent, consistent, service on every move.

Start Planning Your Office Relocation Today

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