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Office Furniture Cleaning and Disinfecting

March 31, 2020 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCommercial StorageCorporate Moving

office furniture cleaningAfter using the same furniture and living in the same space month after month, furniture, common areas, and carpeting begin to gather germs, dust, fungus, bacteria, dirt, and more than anyone wants to imagine.

A clean and healthy office supports workers’ health and productivity. People tend to pick up illnesses in places where they congregate with many other people, some of whom may be sick. The workplace is no different. In light of the COVID-19 virus, it’s become more important than ever to clean and disinfect surface areas that people touch, such as office desks, chairs, and computer equipment. In particular, shared office equipment, like printers and conference rooms, must be cleaned regularly. 

Your employees may be hesitant to come to a workplace that they perceive to be covered in potentially harmful bacteria. Be proactive in fighting COVID-19 and other illnesses by scheduling regular office furniture cleaning and disinfecting sessions. Not only will it help workers keep their health, but it will also provide everyone with peace of mind so they can focus on their duties.

At CRS, we offer professional office furniture cleaning and disinfecting. Find out how our services can benefit your workplace with a free quote.

How Germs Spread in an Office Setting

Even the cleanest office can be one where germs fester and take a toll on your employees’ health. Managers and employees would be surprised at how many potential office hygiene hazards exist. They can include: 

Office Furniture

Office furniture, like desks, chairs, and filing cabinets, that are not frequently cleaned can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Workers who constantly touch their furniture bring outside germs into the office on their skin and clothing. Workers who eat at their desks may also make their workspaces less sanitary. You can’t always count on your employees to clean their desks, but you can count on CRS to get into the crevices when cleaning and disinfecting your office furniture. 

Computer Equipment

Computer equipment — like keyboards, monitors, computer mouses, mousepads, telephones, and headsets — are used by office workers constantly in an 8-hour shift. Keyboards and mice are among the most heavily used items in an office and can end up harboring bacteria from sweat, skin cells, and food residue. Computer equipment should be cleaned weekly, at a minimum, to reduce the potential for harboring dangerous illnesses that can make your employees call out sick. 

Shared Kitchen Appliances

No office should have a refrigerator full of forgotten or discarded foods, but many do. If your office suffers from a dirty fridge, or your fridge is host to a number of unwanted and expired lunches, it’s time to do a deep clean. Microwave ovens also attract lots of food particles and grime. Since germs need warmth, a microwave splattered with food particles can be a possible health risk. 

Now is the best time to invest in cleaning your office kitchen appliances, ensuring the health and safety of your workers. CRS can help you keep a clean and sanitary office kitchen.

How CRS Move Can Disinfect Your Office Furniture

From wiping down surfaces to dusting file cabinets, getting rid of dirt and grime will pay off once your workers return. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Disinfecting desks and surfaces in your office, including telephones, computer keyboards and other computer equipment to kill illness-causing viruses and bacteria
  • Cleaning office chairs with arms that workers touch as they sit or stand throughout the day, and CRS will be sure they’re cleaned and wiped down
  • Ensuring that the office lunch area doesn’t carry any possible contamination risks by a thorough cleaning, including cabinets and drawers where snacks or beverages are stored.

Scheduling a regular professional cleaning and disinfecting of your office furniture can help keep your workers healthy and increase long-term productivity. At CRS, we can give your office furniture the kind of spotless cleaning that it deserves.

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If you’re ready to have your office space and furniture professionally cleaned and disinfected, CRS can help. We are a reputable and affordable company, and as one of our clients, we will focus on supporting you for whatever commercial mover needs you may have. Call us today for a consultation at 718-424-6000 or contact us online.

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