If your IT business is relocating to Manhattan or even just across the street, you know the importance of finding a good moving company. Your IT equipment is expensive, bulky, and fragile. Essentially, you are trusting your entire business in the hands of a bunch of movers you don’t know.

CRS Moving & Storage makes the complicated process of moving your company’s electronic assets easy and personal so that you feel comfortable throughout the entire move. We know that your Manhattan-based company needs to be moved delicately and quickly, and our professional team of experts is able to do just that. Contact our Manhattan IT relocation company today to get started.

How Using a Manhattan IT Relocation Company Works

Our IT relocation company in Manhattan utilizes a personalized approach, which gives the feel of a mom-and-pop business with the expertise and efficiency of a large corporation. The process of relocating your invaluable materials is dependent on your needs and may include the following steps:

Planning Ahead

A free consultation will be used by our team to come up with a logistics plan. Both your technology and other office furnishings will be configured into the timeline, with considerations given to hours of operation and connectivity requirements. Potential roadblocks are discussed, and alternative actions are prepared. Having everything mapped out helps to strategize and streamline the process and get your team back to work sooner.

IT Relocation

When it comes time for the actual moving process, our team of professionals will disassemble the IT equipment. All materials are provided for the move, like padding paper, tape, and personalized boxes designed specifically for any oddly-sized technology. Our team has received appropriate IT industry training so that nothing is damaged in the process.

During moving hours, an onsite manager will be present so you do not have to. This staff member will be personally monitoring the moving process and overseeing any possible problems or delays.

Post Relocation Support and Storage

Your equipment will be carried into your new Manhattan office and assembled with the same considerations. All technology will be tested by our onsite crew to ensure no glitches or errors have occurred and that everything is ready for work the following day.

Additionally, if you experience any delays with the new building or space, our warehouse storage facility is climate-controlled and available for any IT equipment needs. They are easily accessible across the tri-state area and have been designed specifically for the damage control of your merchandise.

Benefits of Choosing a Manhattan IT Moving Company

The money spent on a professional IT moving company in Manhattan is worth it for the safe transportation and arrival of your expensive equipment. The technology that makes up your workstation contains the past, present, and future of your business, and having it safely delivered is worth the affordable cost of an experienced shipping company. The benefits of taking the plunge and partnering with a Manhattan IT moving company cannot be overstated, and includes the following perks:

Quick and Professional Shipping

CRS Moving & Storage works on your schedule. If you need your equipment moved over and operating by next week, you can speak with a team member and have that discussion today. Professional disassembly and packaging are also provided, including all packaging and moving materials. Our centrally-located facilities and team members with knowledge of the IT industry allow for a quick turnaround that you cannot find with other businesses.

We Handle Set Up

All office furniture will be properly unpacked and set up, including the technologies. We will ensure your equipment is ready to go when your team returns to work. Setups and testing of technology will be conducted so that your business can focus on the other important aspects of the move and setup.

Inventory Of Items

Using an internal database, we will do a full inventory of all packaged and moved items to ensure everything is relocated in one piece. By itemizing all technology and other merchandise before and after the move, we can guarantee efficient and accurate inventory management.

Liquidation of Unwanted Items

Starting fresh at your new place of business is a great feeling, and CRS Moving & Storage is here to help properly dispose of any unwanted or unused items. Depending on the discarded item, we can safely recycle, donate, or dispose of any e-waste or other belongings.

Contact Our IT Relocation Company in Manhattan Today

At CRS Moving & Storage, we treat all moves the same. Whether you are a start-up business moving to your first real office in the city or a large corporation with hundreds of fragile pieces to be moved, we are here to help all the same. Bringing in over 20 years of experience, we have a dedicated and professional team to show for it.

Save yourself time and money and begin strategizing and planning your move with CRS Moving & Storage today. Our services cannot be beaten in the Manhattan area. For a free consultation, contact our office movers at (718) 424-6000 or use our contact form.