Manhattan real estate can get expensive very quickly. As your business grows, you may begin to realize your office space is getting a little crowded with extra supplies or inventory. Buying or leasing more real estate to ease that clutter can be challenging and expensive, especially in New York.

Growing your business is exciting, and you don’t want to let limited space get in the way of your work. CRS Moving & Storage is a commercial storage facility in Manhattan that will allow you to continue your success while helping with organization, decluttering, and efficiency.

Why Should You Choose Our Manhattan Commercial Storage?

Instead of counting square footage and worrying about finding a new location to fit your specific needs, stay in Manhattan and partner with CRS Moving & Storage. Our Manhattan storage units vary in dimension based on the number of items you have and their size, and our team will work with you on building a strategic plan to accommodate your exact storage requirements.

Having a commercial storage facility in Manhattan means more than just adding another key to your keyring. Our facility is New York-based and operated, with the feeling of a mom-and-pop business but the expertise and efficiency of a bigger corporation. This allows us to work quickly and professionally while ensuring you and your company’s inventory is actively monitored and taken care of.

Benefits of Partnering With a Manhattan Commercial Storage Facility

When looking for storage options in Manhattan, go no further than CRS Moving & Storage. Our facility allows for your business to truly grow and flourish. Our services are designed to provide a sense of ease and comfort while you are out in the city running your business. We provide multiple amenities that work in tandem with our storage units, including the following:

24/7 Access and Security

CRS Moving & Storage has onsite security 24/7. Our units are actively monitored and inventoried, which can help account for any broken or missing items. We start the storage process by using custom storage software so you have access to an online inventory. This process is the same, no matter what you have stored. Our database and facility are designed to hold various business-related items, such as:

  • Important files and filing cabinets
  • Surplus goods
  • Extra medical or IT equipment
  • Restaurant tables and chairs
  • Seasonal ite

Additionally, our facility provides you with access to your materials whenever you would like. Visit us early in the morning with a cup of coffee or when you get off work and know that our security is there to keep both you and your goods safe.

Multipurpose Facility

When deciding what exactly should be relocated over to your storage unit, you may be considering what you are able to work without at the office or store. However, our facility has thought past that. If you need to spend the day going through important files you have organized away at our facility, settle into the climate-controlled unit for the day and utilize our wifi to get your work done there. We regulate our temperature not just for damage control but for your comfort as well.

This can be a real help for small businesses or seasonal businesses, where you are not as likely to purchase a full office space or building. Your items or goods are kept safe year-round and ready for when you need them.

Professional Team of Movers

Our team of professional movers will do all of the packaging and transportation for you. This includes providing all of the materials needed to safely relocate your stored items, like tape, boxes, and padding paper.

Once at the storage facility, our team can help assist you with best practices on how to safely store your items, and strategically use your space. Your unit will be reflective of both the quantity and dimensions of the items. We want to help you fit as much as you can in as safely as possible.

Proximity to Your Business

We have state-of-the-art facilities in your neighborhood. CRS Moving & Storage works across the state of New York and has conveniently located options for your Manhattan business. We work with restaurants, IT companies, medical companies, and more across Manhattan and New York.

Contact Our Commercial Storage Facility in Manhattan To Discuss What Option is Right For You

Obtaining a commercial storage unit in Manhattan is far less expensive and less complicated than trying to purchase or lease real estate. If you find that your business is in need of additional storage or moving services, CRS Moving & Storage can help you today. With over 20 years of experience and over 5000 New York businesses serviced, we have the experience and ability to start the process today.

Our team will work with you to come up with a logistics plan that includes moving and storage. To speak with our Manhattan commercial storage company today for free, call us at (718) 424-6000 or use our online contact form.