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How to Pack Office Equipment for Moving and Storage

February 13, 2020 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

How to pack for an office moveMoving to a larger office is an exciting time for your business and your employees. The euphoria of figuring out what it’s going to be like working in that new building can get tempered, though, by the nitty-gritty details of the move itself. While most people have moved from one home to another in their lifetime, moving an entire business is a different story. Emptying out individual offices, packing delicate company computers and ensuring that sensitive documents don’t get lost along the way are top responsibilities. 

The good news is that, if you don’t have much experience in packaging an office, you don’t need to. Professional corporate movers like CRS Movers know exactly how to handle the packaging for your transition.

When considering the best ways of packaging your office, here are some actions you can take to make it easier on your team.

Tips for Office Moving and Packing in NYC

It’s a major endeavor to move your business. The good news is it doesn’t have to take up too much of your time or involve backbreaking labor. If your company has a moving day coming up, planning ahead is a smart idea. So is being well organized and making sure you’re prioritizing safety. If you’ve decided to invest in a professional moving and commercial storage firm, that will give you substantial peace of mind during this chaotic ordeal. 

At the same time, there are ways that you and your employees can help simplify and expedite the moving and packing process for your movers because there’s nothing better than a transition into a new office that goes off without a hitch.

Starting Planning Early for the Move

There’s no question that moving your office is going to involve transporting more sensitive items than moving out of your home, so that means more attention to detail is needed. The larger your business is, the longer it might take to complete a residential move, so the earlier you will want to start planning.

Never underestimate how much time it’s going to take to relocate. Better to be ahead of the curve than behind it. Appoint someone in the company to handle the planning process, and make sure all your employees know what the timeline is. 

Remember the Importance of Labeling

When you get to your new location, chances are you’ll have an enormous number of boxes to sort through. You’re going to save yourself and your movers plenty of time (and headache) by taking the time to label everything in advance so you can quickly locate the items you need as you’re setting up at your new location. Labeling can be done in different ways, including by:

  • Department
  • Employee
  • Floor
  • Or content (supplies, electronics, files, etc.) 

A labeling system could also include numbering the boxes or including a brief description of the contents. That helps the movers determine which boxes to handle with extra care. Either way, the time you devote early on to labeling will save you plenty of time down the road.

Figure Out What You No Longer Need

Most companies replace items over time, buying new computers, new furniture, and so on. A move to a new building is the ideal time to decide what’s essential for running your business — and what’s outlived its usefulness. Downsizing before the move lets you upgrade once you reach the new office, providing your workers with new, more sophisticated equipment. Get rid of anything at your office that’s on its last legs, from phones and printers to copiers and computer monitors. Then. consider donating anything you no longer need to a charitable organization. 

Take Extra Care When Moving Computer Equipment

Computers today are among the most essential equipment for any office, so take extra care to protect each one individually. That begins with finding the right packing supplies and covering your computers and monitors in something like bubble wrap. 

Manage Your Office Furniture

When you’re ready to have your office furniture moved, remember to take some steps beforehand. That includes emptying desks and storage containers, removing shelves when possible, and taping file cabinet drawers shut so they don’t open during a move.

Find a Reliable Corporate Moving Company

No office move is easy, but at CRS Movers we take the burden of logistics off your shoulders so you can worry about what matters most – earning a profit at your company. In addition to our physical moving services, we also provide other benefits that can’t be beaten. Our customers choose CRS Movers because we provide:

  • A complimentary briefing and logistics breakdown
  • Liability insurance, move protection, and protective equipment
  • Professional moving vehicles and trucks
  • A team that can manage moves large and small

If you’re ready to partner with a company that understands what your business requires to get you to your next location, then it’s time to choose CRS Movers.

Plan Your Business Move With Expert Movers in NYC

The moving experts at CRS Movers are ready to start planning your corporate relocation today. With more than 25 years of experience, we provide the expertise you need to get where you’re going. We use our extensive knowledge of moving and logistics to execute a relocation that’s seamless and stress-free so your business can remain operational and profitable.

When you call, our experts will get to work on your complimentary corporate relocation plan. Schedule your free consultation by calling 718-424-6000 or contact us online today.

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