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January 2020 “Move of the Month”

January 27, 2020 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsMove of the Month

CRS-Corporate Relocation Systems, Inc.’s Move of the Month in January is an IT Technology Company that subcontracted CRS for their client’s complex move project.

What Is the IT Technology Company’s Profile?

Relocation Profile:

  • IT Technology Company
  • New York City and Long Island Offices
  • 3 Phase Project
  • 70 Staff Members contents, technology, and electronics to move
  • 140+ Monitors and Desktops to Disconnect and Reconnect

How Did CRS Movers Help Facilitate This Move? Move of the Month January 2020

An IT Technology Company was looking for not only a moving specialist but one that would also handle the disconnect and reconnect of workstation technology and electronics.

Prior to each moving phase, the CRS Project Manager worked with the client to create CRS numbered floor plans, generated pre-printed labels, and assisted staff with the labeling and packing process. 

CRS IT Technicians completed an inventory sheet of all monitors and user setups at each workstation, making sure each staff member’s desktop and monitor set up at the destination would be identical to the origin.

CRS took incredible measures to ensure the graceful power down, safe transport and secured reconnect of all user technology. As the CRS IT Team verified, powered down and disconnected each unit, CRS movers followed right behind preparing and packing all electronic components to move. Once items were moved, confirmed and reconnected, CRS provided finishing cable management services to ensure each workstation was uniform and neat.

With all of the labeling and logistics checked before each move, CRS was able to complete successful relocations, each time, with no unforeseen challenges or obstacles.

Was This Move by CRS Movers a Success?

In this case, the IT Technology Company was thrilled by using CRS as the relocation subcontractor, as they were able to provide these new services under their umbrella. The IT Technology Company was able to focus on its function by setting up the server rooms and did not have to oversee anything for the relocation from start through completion.

Overall, CRS impressed both the IT Technology Company and the End User by their extensive planning and logistics efficiency.

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