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6 Common Challenges in a Corporate Move and How to Avoid Them

February 2, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Many challenges can arise when making a corporate move, and there are ways to avoid the common challenges that many businesses face when relocating. At CRS Movers, our professional team provides various services for moving locally or within the United States, storage, installation, and many other solutions. You don’t have to tackle the process of relocating your business on your own. Keep reading to learn six common challenges in a corporate move and how you can avoid them.

Challenges in Transitioning to a New Office Location

Transitioning to a new office can bring many challenges if you don’t plan and strategize well. Hiring professional movers who bring years of corporate relocation experience can help you minimize these struggles and challenges.

1. Dealing with Downtime and Loss of Productivity

Downtime and loss of productivity are a challenge that often goes unnoticed when planning for corporate relocation. However, dealing with downtime and decreased productivity from a business standpoint may considerably dent a company’s success. Ensuring your employee’s time is properly scheduled when it comes to anything involving the moving process will help ensure they still have plenty of time dedicated to their regular work.

2. Budgeting Costs and Expenses

When relocating, establishing a budget is necessary to see the expected costs that make a transition happen. With a professional commercial moving company, you can rest assured that all the typical costs will be considered while also saving you the need for delays and downtime.

3. Trouble Retaining Customers and Business Partners

Without your office’s standard resources and setup, you may lose customers or business partners until you get situated in a new location. Employees may lack access to equipment, communication lines, and ways to complete tasks during downtime, challenging corporate-level productivity.

Keep customers and business partners in the loop about your move and when things will return to usual business. Consider rewarding customers for sticking around through long wait times and communication complications.

4. Structure and Organization for the New Office Space

Many corporations fail to consider important factors for getting set up in their new location, such as internet, phone lines, IT services, furniture setup, updating an address, and many others. This may cause delays or mishaps that challenge completing a smooth relocation for the company. A professional is your best bet for ensuring your layout and organization structure is properly planned before you even begin the actual moving process.

5. Employee Support and Coordination

Moving a corporate office is not only a significant change for the company. Your employees and team members will need guidance throughout the transition as well. Keeping your employees in the loop and delegating tasks throughout the move is essential. Without deadlines, informing team members of important dates, and setting new procedures in place, you may find a challenge in keeping your employees on track.

7. Communicating about the Transition and New Location

It can be challenging to inform your community, previous and current clientele, local businesses, and other business partners about your relocation. Making announcements, phone calls, sending emails, and mail notifications are all methods of communication used today. However, informing essential people and getting everyone acquainted with your new location can be challenging because it takes time.

Avoiding Mishaps and Mistakes during a Corporate Relocation

Many mistakes and mishaps that arise during a corporate move may be due to a lack of planning, lack of needed resources, and not communicating well with needed parties. However, there are a few ways to stay organized, avoid mistakes during a corporate move, and feel at ease with your decision.

To avoid mistakes when making a corporate move, you should:

  • Communicate the moving days with your employees, and delegate responsibilities during the transition.
  • Notify all necessary parties of the new address, such as customers, business patterns, the IRS, postal service, and other vital organizations.
  • Set realistic budgets and plans for the transition.
  • Declutter your office space and keep all the important documents safely where you can easily retrieve them.
  • Hire professional commercial movers to lessen the need for downtime and avoid missing essential elements of moving your business.
  • Update your website, social media, answering machines, business cards, and other necessary methods of communication for your business.
  • Be flexible and have a backup plan for any delays and downtime that you may experience when setting up the new office.

Every corporation is different, and you may face specific challenges when relocating. CRS Movers is an experienced and professional team of commercial movers that can help you plan, prepare, move, and get set up in your new office. You’ll enjoy the ease of working with our team and avoid having to find reliable vendors for any warehousing, storage, cleaning, moving, and other services specific to your business.

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