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5 Steps for Organizing an Office

December 8, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCleaning

Office space quickly can become cluttered with paperwork, supplies, and outdated equipment. The best way to handle clutter is to organize the office space and prevent clutter from accumulating. An organized and clean space breeds productivity. Having a space that feels clean helps the mind focus on the task at hand rather than any messes nearby. An organized space makes work more efficient because everything has its place.

5 Tips to Keep the Office Organized

Studies have shown that physical clutter negatively affects mood, reduces productivity, and causes stress. A messy office space can make people feel distracted and overwhelmed, which prevents them from focusing on their work. The following are five tips to keep your office organized:

Determine What Is Clutter

Classifying office clutter can be challenging. It can be difficult to eliminate specific paperwork, old equipment, or supplies because you may think that you will need it again. If the item hasn’t served a purpose in over a year, however, there is probably no need for it. Going through the break room, office storage, desks, and other shared spaces for unnecessary clutter can help clean out the space for reorganizing.

Plan to Have Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Cleaning Cycles

While a massive purge of unnecessary items in the office is extremely helpful, it will lose its effect if the clutter returns. The best way to ensure the office remains properly organized is to check in regularly with employees. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning cycles keep everyone accountable for maintaining a clean space.

Hide the Wires

Not only is a clump of wires unappealing to the eye, but it also can be a tripping hazard. Wires can be hidden under desks or taped along the pathway for safety, out of sight. With wires neatly tucked away, the office space will naturally feel neater.

Store Away Rarely Used Equipment

Sometimes, equipment left in a corner will not be classified as clutter. The equipment simply is not used as much as other equipment or supplies. You can’t get rid of it because it is needed, but it’s not needed every day like other equipment. Rather than letting the equipment take up space in the office, a better solution is to store it in an accessible location where it will be secure for as long as you need to store it.

Add More Trash Cans

An excellent way to prevent the trash from accumulating on desks or in the break room is to have enough trash cans. While this may seem obvious, offices often don’t have enough trash cans. They tend to be far from the employees’ desks, discouraging employees from getting up to throw trash away. In addition, fewer trash cans will fill up faster; therefore, you would benefit from adding more trash cans to the office.

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