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How to Maintain Productivity during an Office Move

February 16, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Moving to a new company location can be stressful and worrisome when you don’t have the right strategies. Productivity, communication, and other elements aid in a smooth transition. When there are many things to consider and account for in a productive office move, you’ll want to hire a professional moving company to help you achieve your goals in completing a smooth transition.

CRS Movers offers a free moving and logistics session to help you get started in moving to your new location within the United States! Based in New York, our commercial moving company offers the needed services for your start-up, small business, or large company to make a move locally or to your new office space within the US. Below you’ll find the best strategies to use for maintaining productivity during an office move.

Good Moving Strategies for Your Business

Every business needs daily progress, and it is not practical to take time away from a productive workflow. So, how can a company and its team members stay productive throughout the process of a moving business?

Hire a Professional Moving Company

With a professional team, you won’t worry about the safety of your belongings and the organization of your office. Hiring movers helps you stay focused on other aspects of your business and lessens the downtime needed to get your company up and running in a new location. This helps you avoid loss of productivity during the transition and saves you the need to plan, coordinate, and complete your office move on your own.

Expert Logistical Planning

Expert planning is an excellent moving strategy when it’s time to relocate your business. You may not be aware of what’s entailed for a complete move, or you may find difficulty in creating a realistic timeline. Strategic planning helps you check all the boxes your office needs when transitioning to a new space. An expert team of commercial movers can run through all the things you need to consider when moving to ensure that you can execute your plans.

Communicating with Team Members

An essential component of keeping a productive team is to keep every member in the know about the changes that are coming up. A new location is a significant time to communicate, and will offer many growth opportunities for your team. By preparing your employees for an office move, each person can acknowledge their involvement and continue succeeding in their productivity.

Here are a few tips to use on how to communicate the move to your team members:

  • Set a meeting time to discuss the plans ahead
  • Inform your team of the new location and the moving day
  • Relay employee involvement in the moving process and the expectations during this time
  • Allow time for questions

Communicating effectively with your team and leadership is a great way to maintain productivity and understanding throughout the process. Looking forward to a new location is an exciting transition for any business, yet there may be obstacles when moving an office. Working together as a tema, you’ll feel at rest knowing everything is being handled right. By focusing on your team members and customers’ needs, you’ll navigate the changes while keeping your New York City corporate hub successful.

Preparing and Planning for a Successful Transition

As with any company, productivity and efficiency require planning and preparation. You may be feeling stressed or worried about downtime for your company, as it often takes time to get up and running again after relocating. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, moving to a new office can seem like resetting a routine. Although changes may come for your office after relocating, setting goals is a good place to start.

Set a Timeline

When it’s time to relocate, you and your team need a plan to stay productive and limit the time required to start up again in a new location. Relocating has many positive possibilities for a company, and it can be a fresh start. Timelines can include a target moving day, steps needed to complete prior to the move with deadlines, and what each leading month would look like when wrapping things up in your current location.

Budget Analysis

Another stressful component of moving a company, whether locally or within any area in the continental U.S., is the budgeting and costs for relocating. Often, this adds stress to business owners and corporations because of the time and financial efforts that are needed to move. However, budgeting is an important part of any moving business, as it can help you make sound financial decisions in a period of transition. This is a good time to check your inventory and prepare for the needs of your new office space when calculating business relocation costs.

Materials and Supplies

Regardless of the size of your company, moving can rack up expenses. CRS movers provide the manpower, commercial moving trucks, supplies, and protective equipment to care for your items and belongings. Moving expensive furniture, supplies, equipment, and company belongings may seem daunting, but with a professional team, you can remain at ease knowing the transition is well done.

Call CRS Moving and Storage for a Smooth Transition to Your New Location

At CRS Movers, we’re a proud team of professionals led by our founder, Mr. Varoukas, who brings 25 years of experience in the commercial moving and storage industry. We’re here to help you plan, relocate, and stay productive throughout your transition. With less downtime while CRS is completing your move, your company can continue succeeding. If it’s time to relocate your business, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (718) 424-6000 to get started.

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