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Common Obstacles to Avoid When Moving Offices

May 19, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsUncategorised

The process of moving is often intense and tiring, as belongings must be packed up and organized for transport while attending to daily personal and professional responsibilities. Moving is a tedious experience for many people, often because of the time, expense, and hassle involved in reaching the final outcome.

Barriers to Avoid During the Office Moving Process

In this guide, we will highlight the most frequently encountered moving problems, along with recommendations on how to avoid them during your office relocation. Many things in life are better learned the hard way, but how to move safely is not one of them. Knowing what to do and not to do beforehand will help make your move more successful.

Moving Unneeded Items

Among the best moving tips is the concept that you should only bring along the essentials during a move. The less you have to pack and transport, the more efficient your move will be, plus it’s not worth the time and effort to pack or unpack things that you no longer wish to possess. In reality, many of us get caught up in feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks we have to complete, and instead of doing some work to organize things, we simply just toss them in a box. Aside from wasting time, extra items can increase the cost of labor and fuel.

Pro Tip: During packing, sort any unwanted or unnecessary items into piles that will be donated, recycled, or discarded. Avoid lingering around useless things in your office that no longer serve a purpose any more — you will be better off if you get rid of them and purchase items that will help your team be more productive.

Not Using Proper Packing Materials or Strategies

Most moving mistakes come from packing office supplies in the wrong boxes. Packing heavy items in large boxes will make it difficult for you or your movers to lift them. The result may involve serious injuries. To prevent this scenario, pack heavy items such as spare office supplies together with decorations, or use small and medium boxes to pack bulky stuff.

You may also benefit from transporting heavy items—such as electronics—in new, firm boxes or bins to keep everyone safe and items protected. An additional mistake that people make is overlooking the importance of labeling and categorizing boxes when they pack. Unpacking will take longer because you won’t be sure where things are, and you’ll be unable to find them.

Pro Tip: Try to buy a variety of box sizes, from small to extra-large. Protect your belongings during transport by purchasing packing supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and other protective materials. Then, make a checklist of all your belongings and group them by category so that you will be able to label each box correctly.

Failing to Notify Business Contacts and Announcing the Move Early

Your business contacts and employees need to be informed about your upcoming move. Two months before the event, you should start promoting the move. Note that this timeframe may vary depending on the size of your business.

Pro Tip: If you want to make people aware of your move as soon as possible and get them excited you should try the following:

  • Make an announcement on your website
  • Send postcards to your clients
  • Schedule a company meeting
  • Provide employees and business contacts with the details of your move
  • Share your announcement in your company newsletter
  • Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about the move
  • Write a news release and place it in the local paper and online
  • Distribute new business cards with your new office details to clients
  • Host a grand opening event

Trying to Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Even though it may not initially sound like an ideal option, hiring a professional mover is always worth it. It’s easier to hire professionals, even if you have employees willing to help, than to do a move yourself. If you have highly valuable items, you run the risk of damaging, losing, or misplacing them. The truth is, there are several situations where moving yourself is possible, but it’s a mistake to immediately discount the use of a moving company just because you think moving on your own will be cheaper or easier.

Pro Tip: Think about how much effort will need to go into your move, how much time it will take to get there, and how much it’s going to cost. When you only have a few items to take, DIY moving may be an excellent option. But if you’re moving heavy or delicate items on a budget and strict time schedule, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Work with a Professional Commercial Moving Company in NYC

With all the best moving tips and knowledge of what to avoid, moving an office is still an overwhelming and demanding process. CRS Moving & Storage is the professional moving team you need on your side. Our services encompass expert-level corporate relocation and storage for companies of all sizes in and around NYC. We’ve worked diligently for over a decade to make every move smooth, from start to finish.

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