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Why It’s Important to Donate Unused Office Equipment When Relocating

April 16, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate MovingUncategorised

In today’s world, businesses from all walks of life are considering relocating or downsizing offices as COVID-19 sweeps the nation. Some, regrettably, will permanently shut their doors. As companies face the pandemic head-on, there’s another problem brewing: What do we do with all our unused office equipment and furniture?

Fortunately, your corporate equipment doesn’t have to go to waste. Instead, you can keep these items out of a landfill and into the hands of those who need them. Through donating or recycling, businesses can make a real difference— and take a great deal of weight off their shoulders.

If you want to get rid of unwanted or unused office supplies but don’t know where to start, read more about what ideas and options are available in our past blog post. If you need a professional team to help donate or dispose of your office furniture, look no further than the CRS Moving and Storage experts.

In the interim, we’ve highlighted three reasons why it’s important to donate unused office equipment below.

Lightening Your Load Calls for an Easier Move

Offices accumulate a bunch of stuff. Employees need supplies for both short-term and long-term use, and some items are outgrown faster than others. However, most of these items are likely in decent condition or only used a few times, and therefore, would be better suited as a charitable donation rather than trash. Sorting your belongings and getting rid of excess items will ultimately make your move more efficient.

With any move, lightening your load means less packing, shorter moving times, lower stress levels, and reduced moving costs. Mindfully decluttering your office before your relocation date approaches can save you an ample amount of time while packing, transporting, and unloading your office items. Rather than packing up unused or unwanted items, consider filtering your office supplies by what needs to be trashed, what needs to go with you, and what could be donated or recycled.

Increase Your Business’s Tax Deduction

Did you know that your business can write off charitable donations on your taxes? If you chose to donate property or non-cash items to a qualified charity, you could receive a tax deduction of your property’s fair market value. Generally, deductions are limited to 50% of your adjusted gross income.

A tax deduction reduces a business’s tax liability by decreasing its taxable income. Essentially, the more you donate, the more you can deduct from your taxes, and the more money you save your company. Whenever you donate, be sure to collect a tax receipt that details your company, the organization you donated to, the date, and the value of the donation.

Become a More Environmentally Sustainable Business

A tax receipt highlighting your company’s donations is your ticket to becoming a “greener” business. Today’s consumers are ready to change their habits to reduce waste on our planet, and thus they prefer sustainable brands. Besides pleasing buyers, you’d be benefiting the greater good.

In fact, some office products like electronics may contain large amounts of harmful chemicals like lead, and other materials are made of glass or plastic. All these substances can negatively impact the environment; hence should be appropriately disposed of or donated.

NYC Office Furniture Disposal or Recycle Done Right

When you’re ready to have your IT equipment, couches, office chairs, desks, tables, or any other structure removed, give CRS Moving & Storage a call. We’ll help make your move a stress-free experience by doing all the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy your new business venture. CRS offers an array of services to our NYC clientele to help them through every stage of their move.

At CRS, our attentive, professionally trained moving experts will properly remove your office equipment and carefully haul it to its next destination, whether that’s a donation center or a new office. As an experienced commercial moving company, we are fully licensed and insured to perform all your moving-related needs, no matter the level of difficulty. Call (718) 424-60 00 or complete an online form to get started today.

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