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What to Know About International Corporate Moves

July 5, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Things to know before moving your company internationally.All corporate moves are complicated because they involve many moving factors, from minor details to organizing staff and considering costs. However, planning an international move can prove to be even more challenging because, logistically, it means communicating not locally or even with another state but with another country in a different time zone. Planning an international corporate move can be daunting; that’s why they require careful planning. No move is perfect, but they don’t have to be stressful or overwhelming; with proper planning, organization, and help, you can avoid costly and time-consuming errors. 

5 Tips for Organizing an International Corporate Move

Companies need to plan international moves for a variety of reasons. The new location may offer better financial incentives or need to move to access grants. Whatever the reason planning a move should be for the betterment of the company and not hinder or negatively impact them. The best way to ensure that a move runs smoothly and helps the company succeed is to plan accordingly and have a plan of attack should something go wrong. 

1. Create a Strategic Plan

Key elements to a strategic plan include:

  • Timeline
  • Relocation package
  • Employee relocation management 
  • Communication plan
  • Pre-move orientation
  • Evaluation and feedback 

Coordinating a move requires a lot of planning. However, it’s just important to prioritize communication not just among those organizing the move but everyone who may be affected by the move. Breaking down the move into steps can help you track what needs to be done and help employees organize themselves accordingly.

2. Implement a Relocation Plan

Providing employees who agreed on relocating with a timetable ensures they can be ready to go when the date arises. Additionally, it’s important to have employees communicate what they may need in terms of assistance to help their relocation be successful. Setting up employees for a successful relocation can mean providing resources for childcare, travel insurance, and other resources or tools that will help guarantee their in place on moving day. 

3. Practice Open Communication

Communication is critical to planning an effective move. There needs to be clear communication between those planning the move, those already overseas, and all employees affected by the move. However, having open communication is easier said than done. An international move can quickly become hectic, which can impact communication; this is why it’s important to have a system that keeps communication open between groups. Ensuring communication stays open can look like assigning leadership roles between the different levels of staff that will prioritize keeping their group informed.

4. Think About What Could Go Wrong

The fact is that no move is perfect, but it’s possible to be prepared in case things go wrong. Some of the common issues businesses may face include:

  • High start-up costs
  • High stock and labor prices
  • Licensing fees
  • Poor budgeting or lack of funds in reserve
  • Not enough planning 
  • Too much spending 
  • Having a poor capital structure 
  • Accumulation of debt 

Understanding potential mistakes, errors, or accidents that may happen during a corporate move helps businesses create systems to prevent these things from occurring or create systems should one of these occur. 

5. Hire Overseas Movers 

An international corporate move is challenging, but working with professional corporate movers who specialize in international moves can be a significant help. Professional movers know the ins and outs of undertaking an overseas move and can help your company not only execute the move but plan the move and ensure that your company has a strong foundation throughout the entire process. 

CRS Moving & Storage Can Help You Plan Your Corporate Move

The team of professional and experienced corporate movers at CRS Moving & Storage knows how to help businesses organize themselves to ensure a smooth transition into their new location. We are committed to helping businesses plan for any hiccups that may arise. At CRS, we help businesses avoid the hassle of working with multiple third-party vendors by being a one-stop-shop commercial moving company ready to assist them with all their moving and storage needs.

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