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Tips for Securing Documents during a Corporate Move

October 18, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Moving your office can come with the stress and fear of losing valuable and confidential documents. While a computer or a lamp is larger and easier to find, documents or small notes can get thrown into a box and lost forever. To have a successful and streamlined moving process, staying organized and managing your time well can significantly help you.

Some businesses are smaller and have most files stored online. While those organizations may not have to fear paper damage, having multiple copies stored on flash drives or disks can be just as easily damaged as paper. Older businesses may have their important documents on paper and can easily misplace or damage them during a move. Whether your business is primarily online or through paper, there are a few great ways to keep your important documents safe.

4 Ways to Keep Your Important Documents Secure during a Corporate Move

Contracts, proposals, and other documents are vital to your company’s success. When you move offices, one of your top priorities is to get everything back running smoothly. Without essential documents, it will be challenging to start working in the new location. The following tips are vital to a successful move:

Review and Organize

Putting everything in a box and labeling it won’t work for all documents. You’ll need to go through and organize your most essential pieces and section them off away from other papers. This can help you pack them in the right size containers and in the right place.

Pack in Reliable Containers

Finding the proper size and type of container can vastly improve your organization. A great way to keep them all organized and together is to first place the documents in a smaller container or folder and then place it into a moving container.

Keep Electronic Copies

Taking the time to scan and copy all your essential documents may seem tedious, but having electrical copies backed up on a computer and a flash drive can help if something happens to the physical copy. This can also help if you need to immediately start working without having time to unpack the physical document.

Delegate Responsibilities

We can’t do everything on our own, and having a team of individuals responsible for a different packing section can create a more efficient system. After you’ve established and explained the steps to each person or group, they’ll be able to complete the task faster and with great success.

Taking the time to follow these tips will provide you with the necessary tools for an organized move. However, if you are an organization looking to move your office to the New York City area, hiring reliable, professional movers is a great way to keep your items safe.

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