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6 Moving Scams You Need to Know About

October 25, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

When you’re looking for a professional moving company to help your organization transport to another location, you may find that there are plenty of scams that are looking to take advantage of you. These scams are unreliable and can often cause dangerous problems for your company. Making sure you research and determine the best movers for you is just as crucial to your move as packing boxes.

There are many signs of moving scams that can give you distinctive signs. However, most companies are unaware of these indications of false business. When you find yourself questioning or feeling suspicious of a company, consider looking into their background for more information on the movers.

6 Ways to Tell If a Moving Company Is a Scam

Researching into the movers is essential for determining if they are false. Whether you look at past reviews from other customers or find their certifications, the more you know about the company, the better. Consider the following for ways to tell if your moving company is a scam:

Cash Payment or Large Upfront Deposit

Most professional moving companies will not require a deposit when booking your move. In some cases, professional movers may need a small deposit to save the move date during peak moving times and in high-volume areas. However, watch out for moving companies that require a large deposit.

Unseen Site Quote

For a professional move, most movers will need to see how much space is needed to transport all your belongings. If a company gives you a quote without seeing your site or how much space is required to properly move your items, research and make sure they aren’t scams.

Suspiciously Low Quote

Some scams will show an extremely low quote before the move and then add upcharges and drastically increase the amount of money you owe. Pay close attention to companies giving extremely low quotes because they may look to upcharge you after the move. This is often called “bait-and-switch.”

Not FMCSA Certified

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the moving industry in the United States. Their website allows you to search their database through USDOT number, MC/MX number, or name. If you don’t find your mover in their database, it is best to look into another moving company.

Strange Requests

Whether a moving company wants you to sign a strange contract or pay a large amount of money, they may be unreliable and untrustworthy movers if they start making strange requests. If they don’t deliver your belongings unless you pay extra money for their services, you should immediately contact the police.

Difficult Communication

Keeping in contact with movers shows their dedication to providing you with good service. When you’re unable to get in contact with them, you may need to consider other options.

Finding a trustworthy moving company to relocate or transport your office may feel overwhelming. There’s a lot of room for scams to occur in moving situations, so keeping these tips in mind when searching for a moving company can significantly help you.

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