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Tips for Moving Your Restaurant to a New Location

March 5, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Whether your restaurant has outgrown its current location or you’re just looking for a fresh start in a new territory, there are typically two avenues you can pursue: seeking restaurant storage services or relocating. Unfortunately, moving your restaurant may be more challenging than you anticipated. It’s a huge step that requires a whole army to facilitate seamlessly. Initially, your frustrations and pending tasks may seem discouraging, but trust that it’s part of the process of a successful restaurant move.

The most important consideration when relocating your restaurant is to avoid the loss of business. The best way to do this is by making a good logistics plan to ensure that each step of your move is as efficient as possible. Follow these tips to plan a speedy, smooth restaurant move.

Select the Best Location

Choosing the best restaurant spot can make a big difference in the exposure of your new location. Scope out areas that meet all the needs that your current restaurant location doesn’t.

First and foremost, when identifying potential restaurant locations, determine whether there’s a large enough population base to support your restaurant financially. Research population groups within a several-mile radius while still considering your current customers. Moving across town may end up costing you lots of regulars. However, if your goal is to expand into a new target market, you may extend your search radius.

In addition, you’ll want to ensure that your new location meets basic customer needs. Style, convenience, and visibility are other essential elements to your restaurant’s success. Ease of parking, access to main roadways, and space are components that’ll leave a great first impression on new customers. Lastly, verify that your vendors are willing to do business with you from a further distance.

Notify Your Customers

After choosing a new location, it’s time to notify your current customer base of your move. Use flyers, post on social media, or send email blasts announcing the details of your move. Discuss the value of the move to your customers, why you appreciate their business, and a sneak peek of what to expect.

Update Your Online Data

To raise awareness of your restaurant move, update your business information on all your websites and social platforms. However, be sure to communicate that your move is in the works so as not to confuse anyone. That’s why it’s best to wait to post your address change until right before your restaurant’s grand opening, but you can still inform users of the new location, area, and community.

You should also share posts to engage current and potential clients, and keep business rolling with incentives and deals. Get people excited about your new location by offering discounts or a free appetizer with an entree purchase.

Plan the Perfect Time to Move

Planning the perfect time to move is probably the most difficult part of the process. You need to schedule your move thoughtfully and pick an adequate date and time to ensure minimal impact on your sales performance.

If your restaurant is popular on the weekends, your best bet may be to move during the weeks. If your restaurant is favored for breakfast, you may be able to schedule a move later in the day. It all depends on your business’s unique needs, but what’s most important is that your move puts the least amount of risk on your normal restaurant operations.

Set Up Your New Location

In the weeks and days leading up to your official moving day, it’s imperative to prepare your new location. Start by inspecting the kitchen to ensure all equipment works properly, and document any damages that need to be repaired before opening your restaurant to the public. Also, pay attention to cleanliness both before and after your move, inside and outside your restaurant. If it’s within your budget, it may be worth turning to commercial cleaning services for a deep cleaning and disinfection of your space prior to opening.

Effective NYC Restaurant Moving Solutions by CRS

CRS Moving & Storage has the necessary tools, skills, and experience to make your restaurant move stress-free and organized. With our professional moving team, it’s now easier to plan ahead, reduce business disruption, and transfer your belongings as quickly and safely as possible. CRS is backed by a reputation of more than 15 years in the moving industry helping corporate clients with their packing, assembling, installation, storing, transporting, and cleaning needs.

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