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How To Prepare Your Business for Spring Cleaning

March 15, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCleaning

Spring is approaching and the warm weather is near! Whether it’s the greening of the trees or the smell in the air, it’s no surprise that most of us get motivated for a refreshing start. Cracking open the windows, taking walks in the fresh air, and cleaning out the clutter are just a few traditional ways to mark the beginning of the spring season.

For businesses especially, the start of spring can turn a breath of stale air into a fresh one. Being cooped up inside all year with limited space while files and materials accumulate can make your office feel congested. Or, if your employees were working remotely over the last year and plan to return soon, your untouched workplace is likely carrying dust, dirt, and unnecessary items. So, what can you do to create a comfortable working environment? Follow these tips when preparing your business for spring cleaning and disinfecting.

Create a Pet Peeves List

You don’t have a dedicated spot for all your client documents. The copy machine at work is broken again. Your electronic cables are all tangled together, as usual, and it’s become a huge distraction to you. You figure that you shouldn’t worry about the little things, and yet, you’re constantly focusing on what’s lacking in your business space.

All these seemingly minor pet peeves can quickly add up to be significant causes of stress in the workplace. The best way to handle these displeasures and frustrations is not to avoid them, but rather to resolve them while they’re still minor and controllable. Recognizing major pet peeves in your current space, making a list of them, and creating a strategy for how to manage them can help you identify things causing inefficiency and lack of productivity in your workplace.

Set Appointments with Yourself to Accomplish Tasks

After making a list of all your pet peeves, you might be shocked to realize how many minor irritations really take a chunk out of your day. Your desk layout may be ineffective, or the setup of your whole business space may feel enclosed. If so, it’s likely you’ll need to tailor your spring cleaning preparations to meet your shifting business needs, habits, projects, and so on. Some major reworking, redesigning, decluttering, and cleaning will need to be done, and setting time out of your day to accomplish these tasks can be difficult.

In order to actually check off the items on your to-do-list, set appointments with yourself and make them your obligation, just as if you had to meet with someone else on your team. Block out time on your physical or digital calendars and include reminders to ensure you stick with it. Remember that you deserve to find high-value solutions that make working easier. This is part of shaping successful business processes and an operative working environment for the entire team.

Don’t Let Defeat Spoil Your Productivity

You may start to look at your to-do-list with a negative attitude. Starting the process is only half the battle; pushing through is a whole other obstacle. Seeing what’s left to be done can feel discouraging and make you feel like you might as well stick with how things are now. Keep in mind that these are all natural tendencies.

As you start to review issues, you may notice having to add more and more tasks to your lists. But that’s okay—the struggle is only temporary. Once you get rid of unnecessary items and find a home for your everyday uses, your spring cleaning will feel like it’s finally paying off.

Spring Clean Your Business with NYC Professionals

Talk to CRS Moving & Storage about our spring cleaning services for that much-needed deep cleaning. Finding the time, energy, and desire to tackle a business cleaning, whether it’s for your restaurant, office building, or small business, can feel impossible. Our experienced cleaning team will do the basics like disinfecting, vacuuming, mopping, and emptying trash as well as incorporate world-class technologies like electrostatic spraying. Simply put, CRS is your one-stop-shop for all your business cleaning needs.

CRS Moving & Storage has helped thousands of NYC businesses improve organization and cleanliness, and we are eager to do the same for yours! Inquire about our cleaning and disinfecting services over a consultation with CRS by calling 718-424-6000 or completing our contact form today.

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