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The Ultimate IT Checklist for Your Commercial Move and What to Ask

December 28, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Throughout a business’s lifespan, it’s likely that at one point or another, relocation will be needed, either to downsize or expand. However, relocations can be incredibly frustrating and may even disrupt a business, especially when it comes to moving the IT infrastructure. Having to move all your computer equipment, such as monitors, cables, and computers, to the new location, and then needing to reinstall it all can seem like an impossible task. 

Moving your IT infrastructure doesn’t need to be a hassle. When you work with an experienced commercial moving company like CRS Moving & Storage, you won’t need to worry about uninstalling or reinstalling your IT equipment. The movers at CRS Moving & Storage are trained to disconnect efficiently, transport, and reconnect IT equipment to ensure businesses can hit the ground running after they relocate their offices. 

Ultimate IT Checklist: Questions to Ask When Relocating

Whether an IT department consists of only one person or an entire team, it’s essential to plan each detail of their relocation far enough in advance to ensure it goes smoothly. Many carriers require long lead times for installation, so planning an IT relocation at the last minute can cause a lot of headaches. Following a checklist can help businesses arrange their relocation more efficiently to avoid any interruption in their services that may affect business productivity. 

1. Plan IT Relocations Well in Advance

Planning your relocation in advance ensures that a business has time to complete the following tasks:

  • Scheduling a site visit with IT at the new location to review the network cabling requirements 
  • Contacting carriers, internet service providers, and technology vendors and informing them of the moving date

Doing these steps in advance ensures that IT equipment is good to go on the date it needs to be. 

2. Evaluate Equipment 

Sometimes a network’s infrastructure needs an update, but it can be hard to notice during daily operations. A relocation is a perfect time to assess IT equipment and networks to ensure they’re up to the standard a business needs to continue operating smoothly and effectively. Important questions to address are:

  • Does the equipment you currently own meet your needs?
  • Will this equipment be suitable in the new location?
  • Does any equipment need updating, upgrading, or replacement?

Asking these questions in the process of moving can help ensure you have the necessary IT equipment in the new location to succeed. 

3. Assess Communication Requirements 

The new location may not have the installation cabling or infrastructure your business needs. In order to make sure it does, a few questions to ask yourself before your business relocates are: 

  • How many phone lines are available in the location?
  • How many cables are available that are needed for your IT equipment?
  • How many outlets are available in the location?

Having clear answers to these questions will help the installation team install everything according to your needs. 

4. Prepare the Site for a Checklist Visit 

Once you’ve assessed the site, it’s important to visit the site to plan your installation. During this visit, your IT installers can answer the following questions:

  • Which location is ideal for workstations, power hacks, and networking cabling?
  • Which location is best for printers, scanners, routers, etc.?
  • Is the minimum requirement for service met (electrical, cooling, dimensions, and security)? 

Site visits are essential for planning a successful IT relocation

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Getting the IT aspect of a business move wrong can result in delays and downtime that have operational and financial consequences for a business. At CRS Moving & Storage, we understand that businesses cannot afford downtime and will work with our clients to ensure their move from beginning to end does not negatively impact their daily operations. 

CRS Moving & Storage is committed to helping businesses execute moves in a timely manner that ensures their continued success. We also provide customizable services that adjust to your business needs. Plan a stress-free commercial move today by working with a company as committed to your business’s success as you are. Contact us by completing our online contact form or calling (718) 424-6000.

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