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Services You May Not Know a Commercial Moving Company Offers

March 13, 2023 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Whether your planned move is professional or personal, taking the plunge and hiring a commercial moving company is worth it. Nobody needs to be convinced of the stress that accompanies packing up all of your belongings into a truck and relocating them across the city, state, or country. Not only is hiring a commercial moving company safer, but they often offer more services than just the physical relocation part of the process. 

CRS Moving & Storage is a commercial moving and storage company geared to be a one-stop shop for all your moving needs, even the ones you didn’t predict having. Servicing our clients for over 20 years now, CRS Moving & Storage is the place to go if you’re looking for a bigger experience than just the typical truck loading and unloading. 

5 Services You May Not Know a Commercial Moving Company Offers

Moving is so much more than the drive to your new office space or home. It’s the sorting of old and new materials, the packing, the unpacking, and more. You may not know that most commercial moving companies offer a wide range of services to accommodate potential other stressors, including the following:


A typical pre-move packing session ends with three piles: to throw away, keep, or donate. Did you know your moving company can take it from here? CRS Moving & Storage offers liquidation services, which include environmentally-friendly disposal of any unwanted items, as well as the full packaging and delivering of any items to be recycled or donated. 


If you’re packing up your business and relocating it across the city, you may be fretting about losing more time than expected. In order to keep that workflow stable, installation services are available to help set up any technology or equipment. This allows your team to come back to a fully functioning office space and not skip a beat when it comes to knocking out their projects and tasks. 

We have a team of qualified professionals specifically trained to set up your IT equipment. 


You finally move the couch you have been sitting on for years and underneath it is an entire dust bowl and ecosystem. Your commercial moving company likely offers a cleaning service to meet your building’s moving-out requirements, as most apartments or rented buildings request you leave the place in the same condition it was when you arrived. 

Similarly, we will also tackle other aspects of your moving process, like returning keys to the front desk or office. 


One of the biggest fears associated with hiring a professional moving company is having your items lost or broken. However, with an inventory management system, there’s no need to fear. Moving companies should take an inventory of all your items before and after they load their vans, keeping tabs on every item and its condition. 


An unavoidable happenstance of moving is the chance your move-out and move-in date do not match up. Sometimes it’s only a matter of a day or two, while others can range from weeks to even months. In circumstances like this, you need a place to safely store your items, which your moving company may be able to do for you. At CRS Moving & Storage, our movers can fully package and relocate your items to one of our five centrally-located facilities, where we are proud to offer:

  • Climate controlled units
  • 24/7 security and access
  • In-house inventory management system 

When it finally comes time to move to your new destination, your items will be perfectly packaged, safe, and ready to go.

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