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Hidden Germs in Your Corporate Office That You Never Knew About

December 25, 2020 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCleaning

Knowing when it’s time to get your corporate office cleaned would be simple if germs were visible. Although consistent cleanings are enough to get rid of dust, dirt, and mold, they may not be sufficient for tackling hidden germs in your office. Tidying up your office space by vacuuming, taking out the trash, and clearing desks is not the same as cleaning. Essentially, you’re just straightening up the office visually, allowing hidden germs to lurk and multiply throughout your office.

When bacteria and harmful germs build up on office surfaces, employees are more susceptible to being infected with bacterial and viral illnesses. Once one employee gets sick, it can trigger chain reaction, and all team members become vulnerable to illness. Hidden germs give rise to the hidden repercussions of a germ-infested office—increased employee absenteeism and decreased employee productivity. To better understand where germs hide, here are a handful of office surfaces that germs and bacteria cling to.


Office desks are where employees spend most of their days working. A typical office desk holds 400 times more germs than a restroom toilet seat. Employees may be at an increased risk of catching an illness just by working at their desks. This also indicates how easy it is for germs to spread, both indirectly and directly.

Think about the average employee day. They arrive to work and begin working at their desk. Perhaps they’ll take a break or lunch. They head to the office kitchen to warm up their lunch and walk back to their desks to eat, but before that, they stopped to chat with a few coworkers. From the moment they walked away from their desk to the second they sat back down, they touched dozens of surfaces. At this rate, germs spread at a rapid pace and may infect your employees and their families.

Office Phones

Have you ever thought about how dirty phones are? No one ever really stops and thinks to wipe down the office phone. On the surface, office phones may seem perfectly clean. The reality is that they contain high levels of germs and bacteria. Multiple employees regularly use office phones to perform daily business operations; therefore, it’s inevitable that they’ll come into contact with harmful bacteria.

Keyboards and Mice

Like all high-touch office surfaces, computer keyboards, mice, monitors, and laptops are surfaces where bad germs, grime, dirt, and oil build up. When employees share computers or work in a communal office setting, this can magnify workplace cleanliness problems. Touching contaminated keyboards or other computer surfaces can cause those harmful germs to get underneath employees’ fingertips and enter the body when they touch their face.

Besides germs, failure to properly wipe down computer supplies can diminish its quality. When dirt, dust, and other organisms accumulate, it can get stuck between key spaces, making it difficult for employees to type effectively.

Chair Armrests

Many employees find themselves sitting on desk chairs, workplace sofas, and other types of lounging chairs with comfortable features like arm and headrests during a normal workday. While armrests are useful for giving employees the support they need to work comfortably and efficiently, they also serve as a hub for germs. Unfortunately, office furniture is often disregarded in everyday cleaning practices, allowing germs to continue gathering and transferring throughout office surfaces.

Kitchen Supplies

Shared office kitchens are breeding grounds for germs. Appliances, utensils, plates, and mugs are common hot spots that employees touch while in the kitchen. Oftentimes, these surfaces are not adequately cleaned and sanitized. Although soap and water help get rid of some germs, it may not get rid of them all. And when dishes are left out to dry, they are more likely to be exposed to germs. Giving your office kitchen a thorough cleaning is critical, mainly because this is a space that directly touches the food employees are going to eat. Bacteria that spreads to food can make employees seriously ill.

Hire Professionals to Clean Your NYC Corporate Office

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