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Can a Commercial Moving Company Help Restaurants Dispose of Their Furniture?

February 12, 2023 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

As with any other business, your restaurant may find itself in the middle of the moving process with old or unwanted furniture. Instead of packing everything up and dragging it to the new place to sit unused, you have finally decided to properly dispose of it all. The bad news is you now have bulky and awkward furniture to load up and transport. However, CRS Moving & Storage can help.  

Partnering with a commercial moving company allows you to skip the stress of trying to figure out a disposal technique, as most will offer liquidation services. Liquidation is the process of selling, donating, or recycling your old or unwanted restaurant furniture responsibly. 

How Does the Liquidation Process Work? 

Liquidation is great for many reasons and, with the help of a commercial moving company, is fairly simple. The act of packing your entire restaurant up and putting it into boxes forces you to look at everything you have and consider what you want to bring into your new space. Commonly, goods can be categorized into three categories: to keep, to toss, to donate. From there, everything that is meant to be kept will be properly packaged up, while everything else will be liquidated accordingly. 

CRS Moving & Storage offers eco-friendly moving and disposal services, meaning everything that can be recycled will be. Our movers have extensive experience safely relocating bulky furniture items and will ensure everything arrives exactly as you left it. This applies to the items you are recycling, donating, or selling as well, which will help them retain their quality and ensure maximum value. 

Can Furniture Liquidation Help My Restaurant?

Liquidation can do more than just get old or unwanted furniture out of your hair. It can also have real, measurable benefits for your restaurant. When you partner with CRS Moving & Storage for your restaurant furniture disposal needs, you are also doing the following: 

  • Saving money: We will use our company-owned vans to personally package all of your unwanted goods and transport them for you. One of the most lucrative components of liquidation is the selling of unused furniture, which can either go to the purchasing of new goods or even to savings. 
  • Saving space: It may seem obvious, but your restaurant will have a lot more space to grow and flourish without the old and possibly outdated furniture laying around. You can either choose to enjoy the new open space or even decide to replenish it with new, modern furniture instead. 
  • Increasing productivity: More space to operate means an increase in productivity for your employees and staff. Gone are the days of navigating around bulky or unused items taking up space in the back. A clean, new space can act as a small revamping, increasing mood, environment, and productivity levels. 

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