As your business grows, your furniture needs may change. You may find your space too small for your team, or you want to change up the look of your office. In these situations, office furniture storage may be the right solution for you. At CRS Moving & Storage, our facilities provide all the space you need to store all types of office furniture temporarily or for an extended period of time. Our storage solutions are an effective way to organize your space and create a more productive work environment.

Having a cluttered office can be distracting and stressful. Our well-trained and experienced team can help you find your customized storage solution that clears your space and allows your business to thrive. We offer various storage options in our state-of-the-art facilities to give you a stress-free experience with minimal downtime so that you can focus on your business while we handle every aspect of the storage process. 

What Services Does a Brooklyn Storage Company Provide?

When looking for a storage company, you may wonder what services they provide and if you need to hire multiple vendors. With CRS Moving & Storage, we provide complete storage services, so you don’t have to worry about hiring anyone else. Our professional team offers the following services to create an optimal storage solution:

  • Planning: Before storing your items, we review your furniture, help you decide what you want to keep in storage, and create a timeline for the process. 
  • Packing: Once we know what you need to store, we provide packing materials and services to properly and safely pack your furniture. This helps them stay damage-free during transportation and storage.
  • Transportation: We transport your furniture in our company-owned trucks to one of our conveniently-located warehouses to prepare them for storage and organization.
  • Storage: We store your furniture in our climate-controlled, secure facilities and keep them organized until you’re ready for them.
  • Inventory: Our efficient team takes inventory of your furniture and provides you with a digital list so you always know what you have. This helps you avoid purchasing items you don’t need.
  • Security and accessibility: Our highly-skilled security team monitors our storage facilities, and we have 24/7 surveillance, so you can rest assured your items are safe and protected. 

Our Brooklyn office furniture storage company can store almost anything you need, from desks and chairs to filing cabinets and records. We even have the space to store large or oddly-sized items, making our storage services ideal for businesses of all sizes.

4 Benefits of NYC Office Furniture Storage 

Brooklyn office spaces can often feel cramped if filled with too much office furniture. Removing any items you don’t need can help you take back control of your space and provide the following benefits:


A crowded office space can make it challenging for you and your team to work, affecting your company’s overall productivity, management, and efficiency. Putting furniture you don’t need into storage can help create a calmer working environment and boost the morale of employees.

Improving Operations

An essential element of your business’ productivity is to have an easily navigable office. Removing excess furniture from your workspace allows you to keep it more organized and redesign it to maximize efficiency. 

Updated Look

Having an aesthetically pleasing office makes a better impression on visitors and makes your employees feel calmer. Putting unwanted furniture in storage can help improve the look and feel of your space to create a better culture and impact on your team and potential customers.

Freeing Up Space

Perhaps you have an area you have always wanted in your office or updates you have wanted to make for a long time. Clearing out excess furniture can give you the space to make these changes and create a better working environment that serves your team.

Why Choose CRS Moving & Storage for Your Brooklyn Storage Needs

Finding a trustworthy storage company is crucial for keeping your furniture safe and secure. At CRS Moving & Storage, we treat your items as our own. Our high-quality team provides unmatched services that stand out for the following reasons:

  • Our entire team receives a living wage and has worked together for years, so you can trust us to efficiently and carefully handle your storage needs.
  • We make your storage plan as eco-friendly as possible by using little to no cardboard. This saves us trips to the recycling bin, time breaking down boxes, and over 1,000 trees per year.
  • Our facilities are temperature-controlled, have on-site security, use 24/7 surveillance, and have an alarm system. This gives you peace of mind that your furniture is protected.
  • We analyze your budget during the planning stages, so you can receive our complete storage services without unnecessary costs.

Our caring team always wants what is best for your business, including having an office that fosters success and growth. Our office furniture storage company in Brooklyn understands that redoing or relocating your office can be daunting, so we are here to help make the process easier with our personalized storage solutions.

Consult a Knowledgeable Professional at CRS Moving & Storage About Brooklyn Office Furniture Storage

When you enter your office, you should feel calm and inspired to take on the day ahead. However, crowded spaces with too much furniture can make it difficult to stay productive. Whether you need to redo your current office or you are relocating and need a place to keep your furniture, our CRS Moving & Storage team has the space and solution for you. We listen to your needs and goals for your office to maximize your storage space.

With over 20 years of experience moving and storing items for businesses of all sizes, you can trust to handle your items with the utmost care and respect. Our Brooklyn commercial storage company strives to take the weight of office furniture storage off your shoulders by giving you easy access to your items and allowing you to focus on your business. To schedule a free planning and logistics session, call (718) 424-6000 or fill out our contact form.