Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, it’s important to find a moving company you can trust to pack, transport, and set up your IT technology with no damage. This equipment is essential for your daily operations, so having an experienced and well-trained team on your side can help you seamlessly transition to your new space. At CRS Moving & Storage, our highly qualified team has provided Brooklyn IT relocation services for over two decades, so you can rely on us to successfully move your company.

We understand moving can be challenging, especially in Brooklyn, so we provide personalized care and complete moving services, allowing you to focus on your business. Our professional team is a one-stop shop for all your moving needs, and we support you every step of the way, from planning to transport to configuring your new space. We want to help your business grow, so we work efficiently to reduce downtime and set you up for success.

What Services Are Included in IT Relocation?

When working with CRS Moving & Storage, we create a customized experience based on your needs and budget. If you need IT relocation in Brooklyn, NY during your move, we offer the following services to make the process as stress-free as possible:


Before your move, we will meet with you for a free planning and logistics session and create a timeline for completion. During the planning process, we review all the IT equipment you have to determine how each item needs to be packed, what you want to put in storage, and what you want to remove. This allows us to have everything we need for moving day and helps you put away or get rid of items you don’t want in your new workspace.


We provide complete packing services when relocating your IT technology, which includes packing materials and custom crating for any oddly sized items. If you utilize our storage services, we pack, store, and organize any equipment you want to keep in our climate-controlled, secure facilities.


Once all your equipment is packed, we load them into our company-owned trucks and transport them to your new location. Our trusted team can move your IT technology and other items anywhere in the continental United States.


When your equipment arrives at your new office, our skilled IT team assembles, reconnects, and installs everything efficiently, including computers, security systems, phones, televisions, and other appliances. One of our staff members monitors the entire process and communicates with you so you can stay informed and involved.

Post-Relocation Support

Our top-notch services do not end after moving day. After initial installation, our IT team returns to your office to ensure everything works properly and there are no issues. We strive to give your business as little downtime as possible during your relocation, and with this post-move assistance, you can get started quickly.

Why Choose CRS Moving & Storage for Your Brooklyn IT Relocation?

Choosing the right moving company is an essential but often challenging aspect of the relocation process. You deserve a team that will treat your items as if they were their own while also handling every part of your move. At CRS Moving & Storage, we do just that. We set ourselves apart from other moving companies in the following ways:

  • Experience: With over two decades of experience moving all types of businesses, we understand what it takes to move your business, no matter the size and scope. This includes packing, transporting, installing, and storing your IT equipment.
  • Positive reviews: We have successfully moved over 5,000 businesses, and our clients have incredibly positive reviews about the quality of our services. This gives you the peace of mind that you are in the right hands.
  • Social responsibility: We are committed to paying our team a living wage and we have all worked together for years, so you can trust us to handle your Brooklyn, NY IT relocation with care and efficiency.
  • Green process: Our team strives to make your move as eco-friendly as possible, so we use reusable crates instead of cardboard boxes and offer recycling services for equipment you don’t want. 
  • Comprehensive services: We are a full-service moving company, so we manage every element of the process. This prevents you from hiring and keeping track of multiple vendors.

We are a fully licensed and insured moving company, so you don’t have to worry about your IT equipment’s safety and protection. 

Contact the Professionals at CRS Moving & Storage to Start Planning Your Brooklyn IT Relocation

Your IT equipment is crucial for running your business, so when moving, it’s critical to hire a moving company that will work hard to transport it safely. At CRS Moving & Storage, our IT relocation services provide quick shipping, inventory, professional setup, and liquidation. Our conveniently located facilities and knowledgeable IT team give you a quick turnaround that can be hard to find with other businesses.

While every business has unique needs, we treat each one with careful attention and dedication. Our complete moving services begin with a free planning and logistics session where we take the time to understand your goals and expectations and create a cost-effective solution. To schedule yours, call us at (718) 424-6000 or fill out our contact form.