Unwanted office furniture can add clutter and take up needed storage space. Many companies take advantage of a fresh start in a new location by removing and disposing of old furniture. At times, it can be stressful to navigate the process of furniture liquidation and other options to dispose of furniture. In many cases, relocating and changing a business office doesn’t only include packing and unpacking. 

With a skilled team of versatile and resourceful movers, CRS Moving & Storage provides an all-in-one solution for corporate relocations and smaller-sized businesses. Regardless of the details in your moving plan, our Brooklyn office furniture removal and disposal service may help you accomplish your inventory and office organization goals. 

CRS Furniture Removal Experts May Help You Discard and Transport Unwanted Furniture

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable team is the key to a successful outcome, no matter the size of a moving project or furniture removal plan. Liquidating furniture items and office supplies are an excellent option for many office setups and may align with your overall goals. Although, outdated and damaged furniture items may not sell or be of value in the current market. When considering all your options in getting rid of unwanted furniture before relocating, there are different ways to safely and efficiently dispose of your items. 

CRS handles the disposal of a variety of furniture and other items, such as: 

  • Conference room tables 
  • Computer desks 
  • Shelves 
  • Cubicles and their compartments 
  • Sofas and seating 
  • Storage cabinets 
  • Tables 
  • Old carpeting 
  • Office printers and fax machines

At CRS Moving & Storage, our fully licensed and insured team of movers can handle a variety of solutions for your company. Our team provides the transportation and delivery of environmentally friendly disposals, such as donation and recycling options. With our stress-free removal services, you’ll remain attentive to your business needs and save time handling unwanted items. Whether you have a small or large office housing your furniture inventory, our resourceful team is here to help. 

What Should I Expect From Furniture Removal & Disposal Services?

Many businesses and offices own desks, communal workspaces, conference tables, and other furnishings within their workplace. Depending on your office setup, you may consider your appliances, desk inventory, common areas, seating, and other components of an office layout when planning and strategizing. If you are wondering what you should expect from furniture removal and disposal services, it’s not uncommon to have questions about the intricate processes regarding selling, recycling, donating and moving furniture. 

Components of the furniture removal and disposal process: 

  • Assessing and taking inventory of office furniture and various supplies 
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture for transportation and removal 
  • Hiring a skilled team of movers to handle and transport the furniture
  • Proper packaging, use of tools, and equipment to safely move furniture
  • Transportation to any organization or location for the unwanted furniture

Furniture pieces are often large, heavy, and require experienced moving methods. Hiring our movers at CRS Moving & Storage may help you and your team focus on your company’s productivity. We are skilled and efficient in handling the smooth transition of your belongings. Our all-in-one moving and storage solutions have proven beneficial for clients of over five thousand completed office moves within New York and across the intercontinental United States. Our dependable team works diligently to help our clients accomplish their company transition. 

How NYC Office Furniture Liquidation and Disposal May Benefit Your Company Relocation

There are many benefits and reasons to liquidate or dispose of your office and company furniture. When it’s necessitated, liquidating furniture and office supplies can help business owners get rid of unwanted pieces and gain a financial return. Whether your company is moving locations, changing operations, selling, donating, or discarding surplus furniture and an unwanted inventory can positively impact your office and employee experience. 

Benefits of liquidating and disposing of unwanted furniture: 

  • Increases opportunity to change a workspace or office setup 
  • Upgrading and updating current workspaces, desks, and common areas 
  • Gain profits from liquidating valuable furniture items 
  • Using eco-friendly and sustainable solutions helps your company 
  • Obtaining tax benefits from liquidating and selling items 

Every moving and storage company differs in its offerings and handling of a client’s unwanted furniture. At CRS Moving & Storage, we not only consider reducing your company’s carbon footprint throughout a relocation. We work to maintain environmentally-friendly practices while providing seamless solutions that relieve you of any effort. Unneeded office furnishings and relocation planning doesn’t have to add stress to your workplace. Hiring our professionals may help you take the steps necessary to accomplish your company’s moving goals. 

Obtain a Free Relocation Assessment With CRS Moving & Storage in Brooklyn, NY

Changing a business’ methods and operations includes many moving parts in the planning and strategizing phase. Additionally, moving to a new location may open opportunities for a new layout for which your current furniture may not be functional. Regardless of your needs within furniture removal and disposal, partnering with a skilled team of movers that operates with environmentally-conscious methods can benefit you through the process. 

CRS movers are trained and experienced in using state-of-the-art equipment, disassembling furniture, transporting belongings, and are knowledgeable in our environmentally-friendly practices. Whether you’re in the planning stages of furniture liquidation and disposal or are prepared to move your furniture out of your office space, we’re here to help. Complete a contact form or give us a call at (718) 424-6000 to schedule a free logistics and planning session.