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4 Steps to Protect Your Clients’ Confidential Information During a Corporate Move

December 4, 2020 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

One of the main concerns business owners and employers have is protecting confidential information to keep their companies’ and clients’ sensitive information private. From businesses with confidential client data to those strictly subject to privacy laws, taking precautions with their company information is an essential duty.

It is therefore of utmost importance that businesses guard up their personal transactions during a corporate move. Taking the necessary precautions before your move can give you peace of mind knowing that your business’s possessions won’t end up in the hands of any unauthorized agents.

Pre-Count Inventory

Any items you plan to bring to your new location must be adequately counted. This is especially true for confidential records. Taking a pre-count inventory can help make you aware of the specific information you have, so you’ll know exactly what it is if something unexpectedly goes missing. If you don’t know what you have, you’ll have no way of knowing if that information is breached.

If your business stores documents in folders or boxes, make sure that each folder and its assets are recorded. It may be helpful to create a spreadsheet and break it down by categories for client information, business information, and any other relevant business matters. Remember that you may also have protected data saved on laptops or other electronic devices. Identify all the ways in which your business stores information and include them on your inventory list. Once your corporate move is complete, you’ll be able to quickly run through the list to check if anything is missing.

Get Rid of Unneeded Items

Over time, businesses accumulate tons of documents and information. If you don’t need certain information anymore, toss it. Scaling down and properly destroying or discarding unnecessary information before moving day can help make your corporate move less hectic and more systematic.

The key here is to get rid of unneeded items properly. Throwing away sensitive files or trashing them on your laptop is insufficient. Instead, hard documents should be shredded and disposed of. Digital files should be cleansed and fully deleted from your computer. Your business’s IT department or a corporate moving company that specializes in IT relocation may be able to assist you with the best way to approach discarding online files.

Secure Remaining Items

Following the item dump, all remaining items must be locked up and secured. This step is commonly overlooked by businesses, leaving their classified information vulnerable to thieves and hackers. Business items like furniture, office equipment, and other supplies can simply be boxed up in traditional cardboard boxes and ready to go. On the other hand, all restricted company-wide information should be locked in filing cabinets, drawers, or containers. Laptops and computers should have high-tech passwords implemented for all accounts and applications so that intruders cannot gain access.

Store at a Trusted Warehouse

Without a doubt, corporate moves present unique security challenges. Working with a fully licensed and insured moving company can help ensure all private information is highly secured. A reputable and experienced commercial moving company will have specialized security measures intact to make your move as seamless and stressful as possible.

In addition, a good commercial moving company will attend to your belongings at all times and adequately train their movers to handle your items in compliance with the specific regulations that pertain to your business. If you are considering storing your items to optimize space in your new office, choose to store with a trusted commercial warehouse in NYC.

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