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Warehousing for a Business: Where to Start?

March 8, 2023 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsBusinessCommercial Storage

Warehousing is the process or act of storing your business’ physical products or merchandise in a warehouse. This can either be a supplement to your regular business storage or done as a replacement. The Covid-19 pandemic saw a large surge in people switching up the way they work, including downsizing and implementing warehousing. 

If your business is considering switching to warehousing, start here with CRS Moving & Storage’s guide. We have served over 5,000 businesses in New York since being founded, and our storage units are perfectly equipped for any and all of your warehousing needs. 

3 Reasons to Utilize a Warehouse for Your Business

Warehousing can provide a lot of unique benefits to your business. Three reasons to consider utilizing a warehouse for your storage needs include the following:


Depending on how you plan on incorporating warehousing into your business, it can save you and your company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. As you grow and expand your business, it can become a real wallet-drainer to find larger office spaces to accommodate your needs. In order to continue providing the same quality services to the same clientele while not breaking the bank, consider moving your merchandise to a storage unit or warehouse. 

They’re often far more cost-effective than commercial office or building space, and offer a wide variety of storage and shelving solutions to optimize your space. 


A perk of warehousing is the ability to store your goods in a centrally-located area without paying central-located prices. Business hot spots are priced at higher rates than other areas, except for storage facilities. This allows you to ship easily to clients both locally as well as nationally. 

Save money on shipping fees and boost customer satisfaction with quick turnaround times. 

Additional Perks

Warehousing, especially when done with CRS Moving & Storage, comes with additional perks. Your storage facility will come with:

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Facilities constructed of fireproof concrete and steel
  • Inhouse inventory management system
  • Wifi access 
  • 24/7 security
  • Onsite assistance
  • Shelving and unique storage options
  • Access to storage and warehousing professionals

These client-favorite perks allow you to do more than just hold your goods in a local warehouse. Our wifi and 24/7 access means you can bring your laptop and knock out work right in your unit, surrounded by your inventory. The in-house inventory management system will save you both time and money. It is available to you online at all times, so you can quickly check on any missing or broken items, as well as remain on top of quality assurance and orders. 

Looking to Incorporate Warehousing for Your Business? Start Here With CRS Moving & Storage

CRS Moving & Storage has specifically designed our services to mimic a one-stop shop for all of your moving and storage needs. With a team of professionals ready to help you, your transition to warehousing can go from stressful to quick and easy at the drop of a hat. Explore how we can best help you and improve your business by consulting with one of our representatives today. We are available through phone, video call, or in-person meetings to help you through every step of your move. 

A storage unit catered to your needs will be chosen, and we can even help carefully and efficiently relocate any or all of your goods. To get started with the process today, give our office a call at (718) 424-6000 or schedule an appointment through our online contact form. All initial consultations are completely free.

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