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Tips for Announcing Your Office Relocation

May 5, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Growing your business is a rewarding experience. Being recognized for your business’s remarkable services and knowing your company has been publicized for those services can be fulfilling and humbling. Considering the expansion of your business, there will be many changes to come. Maintaining progress will require the ability to adapt to continuous growth. Businesses often find themselves needing a new office space during periods of transition.

While relocating to accommodate an increase in employees and clients is essential, it can be a challenging process. After securing a new office spot, you must make everyone associated with your organization aware of your move. Office relocation can trigger strong emotions and stress, but you can potentially turn it into a thrilling opportunity when you follow these tips below.

Who Should Know About Your Office Relocation?

An early move announcement can help reduce the stress associated with moving and ensure you are not adversely affected financially by any downtime. The following parties should be notified the soonest possible of your move:


By communicating the relocation early, your employees will feel valued by company management and have time to make necessary accommodations. As such, your office moving to-do list should start here. Communicate your relocation plans to employees by following these steps:

  • Set a meeting: Share details of your relocation with your employees so everyone is on the same page about what’s to come. Arrange to meet for lunch or breakfast to increase the chances of a positive encounter.
  • State the reason: How are you moving your office, and why is it the best for everyone? Your employees will appreciate hearing your reasoning for the move and how the move will benefit them. Be enthusiastic about the change and use the reason for the move to boost employee morale. For instance, perhaps the new location will provide more favorable working conditions – such as an open floor plan.
  • Include details: Put an informative, hard copy announcement on each employee’s desk with details about the new office location, the moving date and time, timeline, aspects of the new office, the name of the moving company, and the employee’s individual responsibilities.
  • Excite employees: Make sure they understand how the move will benefit them. Maybe there will be more amenities nearby, a larger parking lot, or modern facilities. Seek out their opinions. Learn what’s not working at your current location and what’s on their agenda for the new office. If this is long-distance office relocation, make sure your employees are kept up to date on potential relocation packages.
  • Be empathetic: Understand that the stress of a move is real. Keep in mind how each employee will be affected by these upcoming changes. When more employees become part of the decision-making process, the greater the feedback and support from the team. This is vital to maintaining positive morale during an often chaotic time.
  • Follow-up: Send an email that contains a summary of the relocation announcement so that employees can refer to it as needed. Be sure employees know you’re available to discuss any concerns or answer any questions they may have.

Clients and Important Business Contacts

Providing your business contacts with an office relocation announcement can be an effective way to reconnect and share some exciting news! Prepare a list of all your existing and potential business contacts that should know about your new office, including clients, customers, vendors and suppliers, financial institutions, and more.

Send your relocation letter with these essential details:

  • Why you are moving and its advantages
  • An expression of gratitude for their business
  • When the current office will remain open, and when it will close for good
  • The opening date and operating hours for the new office
  • New office address with a detailed map
  • Indicate the main office phone number and company email address. Mention whether the contact info is updating or remaining the same
  • The name and telephone number of the person overseeing all relocation efforts
  • The letter should end with your desire to continue working together

Different Ways to Announce Your Office Relocation

The time and effort it takes to plan an office move is often overwhelming. It’s sometimes hard to visualize a move as fun and exciting. If you incorporate some interactive and exciting tips into your office relocation preparation, you can make the relocation process engaging for everyone involved. Celebrate your office relocations by:

  • Updating your website
  • Posting on social media
  • Using print media advertisements (flyers or banners)
  • Sharing announcements on your blog
  • Promoting word of mouth

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