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How to Protect Client and Confidential Information During a Commercial Move

January 6, 2023 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Packing up and hauling all of your business’s furniture, technology, and important documents is a hefty task to take on. Your clients have chosen your business with a certain expectation of confidentiality. So, how do you protect their goods and information when you have to pack everything up into boxes and ship it across the state or country? 

During your next big office relocation, let CRS Moving & Storage handle the nitty gritty parts of the process while you focus on ensuring your client’s information is safe and secure. We have successfully helped over 5,000 offices move across the country with the singular goal of making your life easier. 

3 Ways to Protect Client and Confidential Information During Your Commercial Move

When it comes to protecting your client’s information, there are three vital steps to take before packaging everything up and shipping it over to your new office space. These include the following: 

Take Inventory of Your Current Items

First and foremost, before you or your moving company safely tucks everything away into boxes, make sure you have taken an accurate inventory of all of your items. This will help account for everything once you begin the unpacking process. You won’t have to worry if a client’s folder made it over or was somehow lost in the shuffle. 

At CRS Moving & Storage, our qualified movers will take care of the inventory for you. Any piece of furniture or important document will be inventoried into an in-house management system where you will be able to easily check for any broken or missing items. 

Dispose of Any Old Documents

Treat your move like a nice excuse for some spring cleaning. Any old documents no longer needed for old clients can be shredded and discarded. Similarly, if you have recently switched to an online management system and haven’t gotten around to converting some of the older documents yet, now is the time. 

For any other liquidation services, such as donation or recycling, we can help. We are qualified to dispose of any unwanted or unused waste, including the trickier items, like e-waste. 

Lock Up Current Confidential Information

If you still have important paper documents, file them away in a filing cabinet and lock them up. Store the key with a manager or in a safe place, not easily accessible to anyone it shouldn’t be. Most moving vans can easily accommodate filing cabinets, as they are a common piece of office furniture. An experienced moving company will know how to best pack the cabinet in the moving van or storage unit, so your files are not disrupted or destroyed. 

Choose a Moving Company You Can Trust With CRS Moving & Storage

At the end of the day, your clients’ important documents are safe with a reliable moving company like CRS Moving & Storage. For over 20 years, our clients have trusted us with their invaluable office items and IT equipment. We offer a one-stop solution for moving, including a free logistics plan, company-owned vans, inventory management services, and local storage facilities. 

Similarly, many of our clients choose to store their client’s valuable information at one of our five facilities, which are all climate-controlled and monitored with onsite security. To begin the conversation about how we can best assist you in your office’s relocation, please give one of our team members a call at (718) 424-6000 or fill out our online contact form.

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