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How to Pack Small Appliances for a Corporate Move

September 1, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Making sure all your items are secure, protected, and easy to find is critical when you’re relocating an office. While the larger objects can be spotted and transferred relatively easily, smaller appliances are often lost amongst the endless boxes and papers. If you’re trying to move efficiently and get your business up and running in the new space as soon as possible, you’ll need to make sure small items are stored correctly.

Shoving cords into a box and labeling the box as electronics will make it difficult for you and your employees to find specific items. Packing these small appliances in a structured and careful manner will prove helpful in the long run and won’t have you rummaging through all your boxes.

6 Tips for Packing Small Appliances During a Corporate Move

Creating a plan of action for how you’re going to pack your small appliances will help you and your employees feel more confident and less overwhelmed. When you offer direct and explicit instructions to your employees, the amount of time and effort needed significantly decreases.

For some ways to keep your small appliances safe and accessible, consider the following:

Disassemble and Remove Loose Parts

While taking apart larger appliances and wrapping the smaller, loose parts seems excessive and time-consuming, it can save you the cost of buying new equipment if your current ones break. For example, a company microwave has a glass piece inside. Even if you keep the microwave in an upright position, the possibility that shakes and jolts will cause the glass to break is high. Taking the time to wrap the glass keeps the microwave safe and without fear of breakage.

Carefully Wrap Each Part and Label

After carefully wrapping the different pieces, a great idea is to label each piece with either a sticker or writing on the paper. You may feel that just labeling the box is enough, but labeling the different pieces can help you quickly find what you need inside the box. This is especially important for small items that can easily be mistaken.

Choose an Appropriate Container

The size of the container or box is essential when packing small appliances. Instead of using large boxes and throwing in many items, try putting the appliances in smaller boxes with other similar objects. This can make the boxes lighter and easy to find.

Line the Boxes with Packing Paper

When you lightly crumple the paper and put it at the bottom of a box, the lining creates a structure and provides shock absorption. Your items will have more protection from being moved from one location to another. Putting your items directly on the bottom of the box will risk damage to the items.

Fill the Gaps in the Boxes

Not every item will fit perfectly and fill the container, so you’ll need to make sure that the objects are secure and stable. Filling in the excess gaps in the box will support the objects and separate the fragile items from other objects.

Label the Boxes

This goes without saying that labeling your boxes is one of the most critical parts of packing small appliances. Make sure you give explicit detail about what is inside the box and where the box needs to be placed. Without this vital step, you could lose precious items.

Small appliances like electrical cords, tools, and other supplies are critical to your company. Losing them in a move can cause you and your employees to feel frustrated and anxious. Save everyone from those feelings with a solid plan of how you’ll pack these critical items.

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