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How to Pack Difficult Items During a Commercial Move

April 5, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

How to Pack Difficult Items During a Commercial MoveThe packing process can be long and arduous. You never realize how much you own until it’s time to pack it all away in preparation for your company’s move. Offices typically house numerous items necessary for the operation of your business. Some of those items are large, bulky, and complex, making them difficult to pack. They may require special care to be transported safely. 

Your equipment serves a valuable purpose and would be costly to replace. Learn how to pack these items properly to ensure they don’t get damaged. For some of your more challenging equipment, rely on experienced commercial movers who know the best way to get everything to your new space in one piece.

Lock or Secure File Cabinet Doors

For cabinets with more than two drawers, it is best to remove the contents of your filing cabinets before a move. All your files add considerable weight to the cabinet. Leaving the cabinet full while moving could put pressure on the frame and damage it. Instead, remove your documents and pack them in order.

Once you’ve emptied the cabinets, secure them. Many file cabinets have locks, but for those that don’t, you can secure them with tape, ties, or fasteners. When the drawers are secured, they are unlikely to fly open while being carried or in transit.

Empty Desks and Secure Desk Drawers

You should remove all of the items on top of and inside the desk. Pack everything from the desk, including any accessories or personal belongings like desk pads, papers, books, and chair mats together, and label them according to the owner of each individual desk. 

After everything has been removed, lock or secure all the desk’s drawers. With a large team, it may be unwise to disassemble each desk. Instead, wrap the desks in bubble wrap or stretch wrap to prevent damage.

Backup Your Computers, Disconnect Peripherals, and Pack Monitors Carefully

Require employees to back up their work computers on external hard drives, including desktops and their work laptops. Employers should take their laptops and backup hard drives when they leave. To pack desktop computers, disconnect any peripheral devices such as speakers, mouses, and monitors and pack them separately. 

You can pack small items like cables, mice, and keyboards together inside keyboard bags or boxes. Items packed together in boxes should have their boxes labeled, listing the contents inside. More fragile and expensive peripherals like speakers and monitors are best packed inside their original packaging or a box that fits them snugly. If the original packaging is not available, wrap each monitor in anti-static bubble wrap and tape the wrap to secure it. 

Remove Cables, Toner, and Ink Cartridges From Printers and Copiers

Copiers, printers, and fax machines are challenging items to move. They are often large, bulky, heavy, and composed of many different parts. To prepare your equipment for your move, you should remove the toner cartridges and place them in tightly sealed bags. After that, tape down any lids and coverings so they don’t snap off while you’re relocating the machine and remove any attachments such as removable cables. 

Some large equipment comes with moving instructions to ensure that owners don’t move them improperly, damage them, and void their warranty. In some cases, you may need to check the service contract or warranty with a service agent before acquiring the services of commercial moving contractors for your equipment.

Reach Out to Commercial Movers With Expertise and Equipment 

Even if you’re being careful, you could injure yourself or damage your possessions by packing them improperly. Some items pose more difficulties than others, so work with professional commercial movers to ensure your possessions are ready to be safely transported to your new location.

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