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How to Keep Employees Engaged During an Office Move

December 22, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Relocating an office can be a massive step for a company. The company is expanding and needs the extra space to accommodate the growth. While it’s exciting to relocate and start in a new office space for the employees, the move itself can be stressful and confusing, especially for those not actively participating in the move.

Moving usually signifies that things are changing. Without the proper care and attention, a relocation can create feelings of uncertainty and insecurity. Maintaining and boosting company morale is a vital part of any company relocation. You want to keep your employees feeling motivated and excited about moving.

4 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During an Office Move

Thanks to your employees’ hard work, the company can now relocate to a new and better location. An excellent way to thank them is by making sure they feel comfortable and valued throughout the entire relocation process. The following are four ways to keep your employees engaged during an office move:

Inform Them Early and Keep Them Informed

While not every employee will be actively helping the company move, every employee is directly affected by the move. To help relieve some anxiety, inform your staff about the move as early as possible. Give them the details about where and why the move is occurring. If they understand the move is just as much for their benefit as for the company’s benefit, they are less likely to feel anxious and undervalued. A few things you should share with your employees include:

  • Commuting and transit information
  • Parking information
  • Neighborhood information (e., coffee shops, grocery stores)
  • Moving date

Many inner workings need addressing during a big move. It’s essential to keep employees informed about factors that will directly impact their work lives.

Assign a Project Manager

Employees will have questions about the move. They will want to know how the move will affect their position and their lives. A project manager can be in charge of closing the bridge between corporate administration and the staff. In addition, a project manager could be responsible for coordinating and communicating with vendors, suppliers, and anyone else involved in the move.

Make Expectations Clear

A move quickly can become chaotic without clearly laid out expectations. Employees should know the role and responsibilities required of them during the move. The move might affect the process of their work and productivity. Each employee needs a clear understanding of what tasks should still be accomplished despite the move. Your employees also should understand their roles in the new location and how they can continue to succeed.

Offer Assistance

If the move requires switching cities or states, your employees may need assistance getting their affairs in order. Some assistance the company can provide includes:

  • Relocation program to help them find a new residence or sell their old one
  • Time off or flexible hours for packing, finding a new place, or other affairs they need to address
  • Relocation bonuses, cost-of-living increase, and reimbursing moving costs
  • Remote work options, so employees have the flexibility to settle into their new homes
  • Support services for employees and their families

You will want to demonstrate that your employees are valuable to the company by ensuring that the excitement for the move extends to your employees. Keeping them informed and involved throughout the entire process helps them remain motivated and positive throughout the relocation process.

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