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How to Handle a Last-Minute Office Relocation

December 16, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

Depending on the size and scope of a move, there may be various elements to consider for a successful and stress-free relocation. When a business or company has to relocate, being short on time can create various challenges. Professional movers are valuable for strategizing and completing a relocation in these cases. Evaluating your inventory and considering the services you may need, such as furniture disposal, liquidation, or other aspects can help you handle an office relocation while you’re short on time. 

At CRS Moving & Storage, we can help you with planning, packing, moving, and transporting your items even during a time crunch. Our resourceful and reliable movers are knowledgeable and trained for relocating business offices for various industries regardless of any barriers you may face. 

Tips for Handling a Last-Minute Office Relocation

A standard office relocation is often planned and announced months in advance, but when moving day is quickly approaching, different steps may help in the process. Below are a few tips on handling a last-minute relocation and how our dependable movers can help. 

Establish a New Location and Set a Moving Date 

Among the first steps to handling a relocation is establishing a new location and setting a moving date. If you’re moving from one office to another, ensuring everything is accounted for to be transported from your old office is essential. Additionally, evaluating your new location, the floor plan, and setting a move-in date can help you build the groundwork for a quick relocation. 

Make a Moving Checklist and Notify All Necessary Parties

A relocation can move more efficiently when making a checklist of necessary steps and services your business needs. Additionally, notifying your staff, clients, customers, and business partners of your upcoming office relocation plans is essential in this phase. Adding tasks to your list and considering the most critical steps to complete as soon as possible can help you prioritize your business’s needs when moving. 

Delegate Tasks and Create Goals for Packing Day 

If you already have your moving date and new location established, you can start planning and delegating tasks to avoid delays in your business operations. Creating a packing day and moving day goal will help you establish how much time you have and what will be completed. For example, delegating groups and points of contact within your staff to pack your office space and plan any downtime. 

Get Rid of Items and Furniture You Don’t Need 

An essential part of moving an office for any business is evaluating the furniture, items, and supplies that need to be transported to the new location. In that process, you may find furniture pieces you no longer need or that are outdated. In these cases, our movers can dispose of excess furniture in an environmentally-friendly manner with professional services. You may also benefit from liquidating unwanted items and recovering a profit for your business. It can take longer to sell or get rid of furnishings and supplies. Temporary or long-term storage may be worth considering during a quick relocation. 

Consider Hiring Professional Movers to Complete Your Move 

Professional movers can aid and complete your relocation goals, whether you have days or months for moving. At CRS Moving & Storage, we provide a reliable and efficient experience for your company to relocate from one point to another. Regardless of what your last-minute relocation may require, our skilled team can customize your moving plan to alleviate the stress on you and your staff and unnecessary downtime for your business. 

You shouldn’t worry about forgoing your business’s necessary services because your relocation timeline doesn’t seem ideal. With a professional team of movers navigating your relocation, you’ll understand the essential aspects of a relocation and the affordable services that can help you accomplish your office move. 

CRS Moving & Storage Can Navigate Your Office Relocation When You’re Low on Time

CRS Moving & Storage has years of expertise in the moving and storage industry. We understand the complexities of a last-minute office relocation and can assist you every step of the way. We’ll also provide efficient movers that handle your items with care. 

Our green moving process also helps your business relocate in a cost-efficient and eco-friendly manner. Our one-stop shop for all your relocation needs can also minimize the time needed to coordinate your move with different vendors. When planning a last-minute relocation, schedule a free move plan and logistics session with us by completing a contact form or calling us at (718) 424-6000.

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