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How Coronavirus Could Change the Layout of Your New Office

September 16, 2020 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

coronavirus changing office structureAs the novel coronavirus continues to take a toll, millions of people all over the world are out of jobs. Those still working have been stuck at home and may never be able to go back to the office as their companies choose to terminate or downsize their office leases. While some employees have been able to head back to the office, others are still unsure of when this will happen. 

What is certain is that when this does happen, things at the office will undoubtedly be different. Just as the coronavirus outbreak is having significant impacts on the personal lives of Americans, it will also have profound effects on the workplace moving forward. Amid safety concerns, employers are carefully considering changes to accommodate their employees and redesign the workplace. 

Adopting Protective Measures in the Office 

Employers are adopting protective measures to keep the office clean and germ-free. From promoting regular hand-washing and good respiratory hygiene to implementing new travel and sick leave procedures, many aspects of office culture must change to keep people safe. Daily office routines and habits, from riding in elevators to grabbing lunch in the cafeteria, will never be the same.

The typical office as a whole will require change. Per CDC guidelines, employers will likely enforce the use of face coverings and the regular disinfection of all shared spaces with powerful cleaners. You can expect to see sanitization stations across the office, as well as new material and technological changes. Wood, stone, and steel surfaces such as kitchen appliances or office fixtures harbor plenty of bacteria, so offices may use products with antimicrobial protection or high-quality air filtration systems to make the office a cleaner environment. High-touch surfaces like keypads and control panels may be controlled from apps to limit the number of objects touched by multiple people. 

Reducing Coworking and Shared Office Spaces

Open, collaborative office plans were once assumed to be the future of work. Unfortunately, they may not survive during or after the coronavirus pandemic. “Clean desk policies” and separated or enclosed workstations may be implemented in new office design concepts. No longer will desks be set up next to each other; instead they may be positioned to keep space between coworkers or have barriers in place to block germs. Shared office spaces that typically hold twenty people may now only allow five employees at a time. 

Transitioning to Remote-Friendly Workplaces

Some companies will permanently transition to remote-friendly workplaces, allowing employees to operate without having to worry about their health. Employers may invest in better technology and home office equipment rather than paying for office space. After working from home for the last few months, employers are realizing that remote work can be just as effective. 

However, for industries that thrive off face-to-face interaction, employers may consider alternating work schedules. On collective working days, employees can come to the office and work for a few hours, and on days when they will operate on their own, they can work remotely. 

Quality Moving, Cleaning, and Storing Services for Your NYC Office 

Employee safety is a priority. The decisions employers make have a substantial impact on not only the success of their company but also the performance and productivity of their employees. Regardless of the choice you make, whether it’s downsizing, relocating, or giving your office a deep-cleaning before employees arrive, the dedicated team at CRS Moving & Storage can help. We understand the importance of the health and safety of those you employ, and when you work with us, you can be sure that your workplace transition will be as successful as possible. 

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