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How Commercial Storage Can Help Declutter Your New York Restaurant

November 12, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCommercial Storage

New York winter is right around the corner. As you break out the holiday tablecloths and change out the outdoor tables in favor of the heated dining area, you may notice that your restaurant is slowly inching from cozy to crowded. 

When preparing for the months to come, it may be in your restaurant’s best interest to speak with a commercial moving company. CRS Moving & Storage would be more than happy to utilize our 20+ years of combined experience to devise a plan of action to keep your restaurant thriving and without the usual clutter of the holiday season. 

3 Ways Commercial Storage Can Help Declutter Your New York Restaurant 

The hustle and bustle of a normal New York winter means increased staff and increased patrons alike. The winter months can lead to a cluttered and potentially dangerous restaurant if you’re not careful. When looking for possible solutions, you may want to consider a commercial storage unit for the following reasons:

Allow the Display and Storage of Seasonal Decor

Holiday lights, pine trees, and fake candles can instantly turn your restaurant into a winter wonderland. Families and groups of friends feel instantly comforted by the cheerful decor you take out yearly. However, if you are operating fully out of your restaurant with no storage space, your decorations may lead to overcrowding or even potential fire hazards, especially if your decorations require being plugged into an outlet. 

A commercial storage unit allows you to replace your usual decor with holiday decor without the clutter. Bringing your usual restaurant equipment or off-season furnishings to a climate-controlled storage unit can severely reduce the amount of occupied space, as well as the chance of a holiday fire. 

No More Outdoor Furniture Inside

As patrons make the shift from outdoors to indoors, you want to ensure you have enough space in your seating area, which means no stacking and compacting your outdoor furniture in the dining room. If you do not have proper storage space in the back for your outdoor tables and chairs, this can leave your restaurant in a bit of a bind. 

Leaving your furniture outside unoccupied can lead to damage or even property theft. For the three or four months where you can almost guarantee nobody will be enjoying a meal outdoors, having a local storage unit nearby can be a lifesaver. Your furniture will be kept safe from the weather conditions and you won’t have to worry about trying to fit the bulky and heavy wrought iron between tables. Additionally, a moving and storage company can go a step further and help transport the awkward patio displays to the storage unit.  

Allow You to Continue to Bulk Purchase 

To prepare for the natural influx of visitors, you may be purchasing in bulk. This makes sense and can be vital for when lines are out the door, but the same issue of storage applies. Where do you put the extra napkins and supplies for now? 

You can continue to nab deals and strategically plan for the months to come, while keeping within your city’s fire code, by partnering with a storage company. 

Meet With the CRS Moving & Storage Team Today

Owning a restaurant involves constant shifting and rearranging. CRS Moving & Storage is here to help with that. Our personalized approach to the moving and storage business will allow your New York restaurant to operate fully and without clutter. We can help with the moving process and storage, where your items will be regularly inventoried and temperature-regulated to ensure no damage. 

To make your life easier this holiday season, schedule a free consultation today by calling (718) 424-6000 or using our contact form. Our team members will help map out a specific moving and storage plan catered to your restaurant’s needs.

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