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Why Commercial Storage Is Perfect for Home Staging Businesses

July 21, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCommercial Storage

Home staging kitchen furniture. Where to store items when staging a house.Home staging can be one of the best ways to make real estate properties stand out amongst the flood of options. A property that stands out increases the price it can be marketed at and the chances that the place will sell even faster than the average property. Home staging requires practice and design experience but also having the furniture and decor to make a space come to life, and all that can quickly take up space. 

When the pieces you own are taking up valuable office space or even your private space, it is both uncomfortable and unsustainable. A commercial storage solution can provide ample room and easy access for your home staging items and furniture.

How Commercial Storage Can Be a Game Changer for a Home Staging Business

Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves in a space, and that’s what home staging aims to accomplish. A property is arranged to make it feel like a home waiting for its forever family. However, creating this effect often involves having the right furniture and decor for the space. 

As a home staging business grows, so will its inventory of items used to make a space that brings in buyers. These items can quickly pile up, and home staging business owners may find that they don’t have the room or the proper space and materials to store their staging pieces appropriately—this is where commercial storage can save the day. Benefits of commercial storage for home staging business include: 

Declutter Your Space 

Whether you have an office or work from home, as the business grows and you invest in more pieces for home staging, those can begin to take up a lot of space. Studies show that clutter can impact mood and productivity, and that’s not something you want to get in the way of growing your business. Excessive items can make your home or office look disorganized, leading to stress. Having a commercial storage unit gives you a space to store your items without having them take over your working space. 

Properly Storing Your Staging Pieces 

Staging a home means creating an atmosphere that draws people in and encourages them to see themselves living in the space. Creating this type of space requires catering the staging piece to fit the property and the story you’re trying to tell. As you purchase staging pieces that tell different stories, you’ll find that not every piece will make it into the property every single time. 

When those pieces aren’t being used, they need to be stored correctly, not just tossed in a corner. Wood furniture can grow mold. White pieces can become stained. Damage can happen to items that can cause setbacks and financial losses. A commercial storage company can offer not just a space that prevents damage, but packing materials made to preserve and protect your items. 

Accessibility and Security

A commercial storage unit can offer great accessibility if in the perfect location. Commercial storage companies with 24/7 access ensure that you can reach your items anytime during the day, regardless of other people’s schedules. Furthermore, a storage facility offers security and insurance protection for your items to prevent financial losses that a home, garage, or office space may not.

Commercial Storage for Home Staging Business at CRS Moving & Storage

Whether you’ve just started a home staging business or have had one for a long time, having adequate storage space is critical to remaining organized and profitable. A commercial storage unit can make a significant difference in productivity and profitability. CRS Moving & Storage is proud to offer state-of-the-art commercial storage options for your business without excessive cost. We offer accessible locations and storage solutions tailored to your business needs. 

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