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Banks Are Moving Out and Tech Companies Are Moving in: What Does This Mean for NY Commercial Moving Companies?

October 4, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsBusinessCommercial Storage

Technological advancements have been on the rise over the last decade, and many companies see changes within their everyday business operations. For many banking companies and establishments, technology has drawn their consumers to explore ways of digitally handling their earnings and assets. Many banks, companies, and corporations are decommissioning or downsizing their office spaces to shift their daily business operations.

While many banks undergo these changes, moving companies may discover ample opportunities to provide their services. At CRS Moving & Storage, our all-in-one corporate relocation and storage company has years of experience providing exemplary service for business relocations, storage, and vital office decommission needs.

How Are NY Commercial Moving Companies Impacted by Decommissioned Bank Offices?

Whereas traditional banking was once just an in-person experience, many tech-driven advancements have changed the need for banking in physical locations. There has been less of a need to maintain physical office locations for employees to work. If an office location closes, downsizes, or a company relocates, many professional moving services are available to help throughout the transition.

When company office locations are decommissioned, moving companies may step in to help. Commercial moving companies provide the tools and resources to help companies complete their transition without the risk of damaging belongings, putting staff at risk, and experiencing delays. Here are some of the services your bank office or other business may require when decommissioning or relocating:

  • Liquidation of office desks, chairs, tables, and other new or old furniture
  • Storage for documents and archival materials
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture and equipment
  • Packing, unpacking, transporting, and delivering belongings
  • Environmentally-friendly moving and storage solutions

Relocating or closing an office space can take time and plenty of labor. Hiring professional movers may be the best option for avoiding unnecessary delays and errors if your banking company office has a great number of office items to move. We understand how challenging and stressful moving, liquidating items, and other tasks within the industry can be. Despite this, CRS Moving & Storage is here to help your company.

CRS Moving & Storage’s Services for Downsizing or Relocating

In New York, it’s not uncommon for businesses to relocate or downsize, but when moving to a new location or changing your business operations, there is plenty to consider and plan. Although this may appear as a stressful and troubling process, hiring professionals within the commercial moving industry may be the help you need to navigate through this transition. At CRS Moving & Storage, there’s no project too large for our team to handle. We can provide solutions for the following:

  • Transport and delivery of liquidated items
  • Document and office storage
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Office furniture disposal
  • IT relocation services
  • Installation services
  • Record storage & management

Types of business office belongings we are experienced with moving, storing, or disposing of include:

  • Conference tables
  • Computer desks
  • Chairs and seating
  • Cubicle arrangements
  • Storage and shelving
  • Advertisement materials
  • Files, documents, and archives

Storage and moving services can benefit companies in many different ways. Transitioning to professional document storage solutions for banking offices may help throughout a transition or office decommission. We understand the importance of documentation and record-keeping within the banking industry, and CRS Moving & Storage’s services may help you navigate small or large office changes.

Call CRS Moving & Storage for Skilled Movers to Provide Your Moving and Storage Services

At CRS Moving & Storage, our skilled team of experienced movers has relocated and serviced the corporate community throughout New York for over a decade. Led by our founder Mr. Varoukas, our movers and staff provide exemplary service and dedication to corporate moving and storage needs. Whether you are downsizing, relocating, or need help through liquidations or storing your company belongings, our team is eager to help.

With a professional and equipped team of movers in New York, you may be relieved of the stress and unnecessary overtime many businesses experience with poorly-planned and completed relocations. To schedule your free consultation and review our services, complete our contact form or call (718) 424-6000 today.

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