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CRS Team

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Michael Varoukas, CEO
Michael Varoukas founded CRS-Corporate Relocation Systems Inc. in January 2002, and developed it into one of the premier office moving firms in New York City. Michael has more than 30 years experience in the commercial office relocation and storage industry. Michael is an open-minded entrepreneur, uncovering different ways to support his partners and clients with a variety of services. His specialized knowledge base, exceptional managerial style, and hands-on approach provides invaluable assistance to all CRS clients.

Dimitri Mortsakis, Director of Sales & Marketing
Dimitri Mortsakis is a Sales and Marketing Professional, specializing in business strategy and growth. Dimitri first started in the commercial office relocation and storage industry only a few years ago, and quickly grew to be an important member to the CRS Team. With experience in the Office Furniture business, Dimitri brings the Architecture and Design Community to the table, an all-encompassing perspective for when a client is looking for or moving into a new space.

James Scott, Director of Installations
James Scott has more than 25 years of experience, providing a broad range of commercial furniture services to corporations in NYC and the Tri-state area. As founder and president of Genesis Office Services, James’ expertise includes furniture repair to complete office refurbishment. James has a concrete reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget, which has translated successfully to every project he manages for CRS.

Luis Moreno, VP Operations
Luis Moreno oversees the Operations Team, while supervising major and complex relocations. With more than 15 years of experience in commercial moving, Luis understands the frustration and pressure when it comes to relocation projects, and ensures his clients’ a stress-free moving experience.

Silvia Gualpa, Accounting
Silvia Gualpa leads CRS’ Accounting Team, leveraging her analytical skills and wide experience to assist with the coordination and implementation of new systems and processes. With a background in customer service, Silvia is able to tackle more than just the “accounting” side of her role, having the ability to develop and support CRS client relationships.

Phala Rembert, Account Manager
Phala Rembert has 20 years experience working as the Facilities Manager for one of the most popular Entertainment Companies in the United States, headquartered in New York City. Phala has an incredible background involving space layout, the delivery and install of new furniture, procurement, and massive office relocations. Phala is one of CRS’ key Account Managers, supporting all of her clients and partners with her extensive background.

Craig Miller, Project Manager
Craig Miller has been working in the moving industry for more than 10 years. Craig supervises and manages large scale projects for CRS, including HSBC and other notable clients. Prior to joining CRS, Craig proudly served his country as a United States Marine.

Jose Rivera, Project Manager
Jose Rivera has been with CRS since its inception. With his extensive background in the moving industry, Jose demonstrates a strong ability to achieve a high level of quality control throughout the relocation process.

Julissa Ruano, Dispatch
Julissa Ruano ensures each CRS project has the work force necessary for effective and seamless completion, as detailed by CRS Project Managers.

Richie Rivera, Senior Foreman
Richie Rivera assists CRS with daily operational responsibilities, including inventory management and receiving large shipments for outbound deliveries.

Valentine Varone, Driver
Valentine Varone is an exemplary CRS Foreman and Driver, always setting a model example of how CRS performs such a high-quality service for all of CRS’ clients.

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