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Should Your Company Move to a Smaller Office and Adapt a Hybrid Work Model?

July 7, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

The move to mandatory remote work as a result of COVID-19 has transformed the workday for millions of employees. Today, as companies attempt to decide what’s best for their employees, it’s evident that most don’t want to go back to work, either due to uncertainty or simply because they work better from home. As such, companies are preparing for the post-Covid era. In many cases, the most ideal scenario would combine remote work and in-person office time, allowing companies to downsize offices and keep employees safe.

Increasingly, companies are experimenting with hybrid workplaces, which raises questions about how to best operate this workforce approach and how it will affect the workplace in the future. To find out if hybrid work is right for you, here are some things you should know.

What a Hybrid Work Model Will Look Like

Work done through hybrid models tends to be more flexible in how and when it is done. In general, employees have more autonomy to arrange their lives around work, rather than having to arrange their other activities around office hours. The ideal hybrid workplace would be a balance between organization and social interaction, mixed with freedom and flexibility.

Companies that use hybrid models in response to the pandemic allocate specific days for in-office meetings and collaboration, while the remaining workdays are spent working remotely. It might be necessary for some tasks, including meetings, training, and team-building activities, to have employees physically present. On the other hand, working at home is best suited to those tasks requiring more concentration.

Hybrid Work Environments: What are the Advantages?

Businesses are designing hybrid work models to accommodate employees’ needs for both flexibility and an office to work from when needed. One of the biggest questions business owners have is whether hybrid work will be beneficial for them? Here are four major advantages of a hybrid workforce:

  • Flexible work environment: Hybrid work models identify and take into account the need and ability for employees to work remotely. By working from home, employees spend less time commuting. These employees utilize this time for their work or for their personal pursuits, thus improving their work-life balance and boosting productivity.
  • Boost organizational productivity: Hybrid work can improve productivity when implemented efficiently. Depending on the activities employees need to perform, they can determine where they are most productive. One day of individual focus may be best carried out at home, while another day is best spent at the office working collaboratively with others. In this way, time in the office can be more productively spent, and valuable meetings and tasks can be accomplished in person.
  • Cost-cutting: Companies with hybrid work models have the option to reconsider their real estate portfolios and potentially reduce or increase their physical footprint. Essentially, if employers don’t need office space and desks for every employee at all times, they can reduce the amount of real estate they hold and adjust their future office layout to suit employees’ needs.
  • Diversify workforce: Employers are always seeking ways to connect with talent markets outside of their core business. Due to hybrid work, geographically diverse workforces can be hired with less effort and without having to establish offices in new locations. Creating a culture where remote work is woven into the company’s policies and operations will enable the company to hire the best talent worldwide, as opposed to only hiring local talent.

Seek Out A Reliable NYC Moving Company

An organization and its employees can take advantage of both remote and in-person aspects of a hybrid workplace. Almost every organization has its own needs, and meeting them can be a challenge. When your NYC business needs to relocate or reconfigure its office, look to CRS Moving & Storage for high-quality services.

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