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3 Questions to Answer When Creating a Relocation Policy

September 29, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

There are a lot of factors that play a significant role in relocating your employees. From making sure their living situation is secure to assisting with moving costs, a relocation plan is essential if your company often relocates employees. When you have a written document that explicitly states all the procedures and offerings, both management and employees can easily access the necessary information.

Having a plan creates a straightforward and streamlined process that helps avoid costly mistakes and ensures fairness. Some may feel that relocation is best organized in a personalized manner, but having a written process can make a massive difference in the changes employees experience.

3 Questions You Need to Answer Before Creating a Relocation Policy

Writing a relocation policy requires leaders to answer the concerns of their employees. The policy is there to help employees navigate a somewhat uncertain time. To make sure that all your employees are on the same page and able to grasp the relocation process, here are three questions you will need to answer:

What Is the Purpose of Your Relocation Program?

There is usually a primary goal that an organization will focus on when creating a relocation policy in a company. For example:

  • Attracting recently graduated entry-level talent
  • Gaining experienced managers
  • Hiring international transfers

From housing to family allowances, there’s a lot that goes on when picking the right benefits for your relocation team.

What Is Your Company’s Budget?

Every organization has its limits on how much it can spend on moving employees. Figuring out your budget will help you navigate the benefits and services you can offer to your team. A company needs to develop a policy that is favorable for both parties.

Creating a relocation policy that is attractive to your employees without causing you to overspend depends on your company’s main focus. After you figure out the necessary spendings, move to benefits that will improve their daily life and help them feel more inclined to move.

How Will You Measure Success?

Evaluating the success of your policy and relocation process can be tricky. Some ways to navigate whether or not your system is favorable and working properly are:

  • Determining if you’re receiving more sought-after candidates and if they’re settling into the company.
  • Measuring the total cost before and after your policy was created.
  • Calculating if your post-relocation employee turnover rate shows transfers are settling into the area and company.

Looking at how much money you’re saving in the long run and whether your employees are happy with the relocation is a great area to start measuring.

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