Running a commercial business can be extraordinarily rewarding, but providing crafted goods and services to neighbors and friends can also come with challenges. For instance, if you run a seasonal business, where do you store your goods? Often, New Jersey real estate is too expensive to have a year-round office space, so many business owners take to storing goods in their garage or shed, which may expose them to harsh weather conditions and lead to damage. Even year-round business owners need a safe and secure storage space for their items.

CRS Moving & Storage was founded to help with all of your specific storage needs. For over 20 years, our dedicated team of moving and storage experts has been able to help more than 5,000 businesses in the tri-state area, including New Jersey. We have one goal, and it is to help your business, big or small, thrive.

How to Use Your New Jersey Commercial Storage Unit

Square footage runs expensive in the Garden State, and CRS Moving & Storage is here to not let that affect your business experience. Our New Jersey commercial storage units are affordable and cater to all of your business’s needs. A team member will help you map out a free logistics plan to cover the entire storage process from beginning to end. Partnering with us includes the following popular amenities:

  • Free logistics planning session
  • Moving assistance
  • Climate-controlled units
  • Variety of different sized spaces with adjustable racks
  • In-house inventory system
  • Wifi access
  • Professional storage team
  • 24/7 surveillance and access

We are here to work alongside your business, reduce stress, and increase productivity. Our storage facilities in New Jersey are professionally secured and meant to provide a safe environment for both your merchandise and your staff. We pride ourselves on being more than a dumping ground for unused goods. Our climate-controlled units, along with our wifi access and onsite personnel, make for a comfortable second home for your business where you can get work done and trust that your business is in good hands.

Benefits of Partnering With Our Commercial Storage Facility in New Jersey

The benefits of partnering with a local and nationally-affiliated storage company cannot be overstated. A few benefits of choosing CRS Moving & Storage as your certified storage company in New Jersey include:

Increase Business Productivity and Labor Costs

A decluttered business is a productive business. Ordering in bulk or producing goods in advance of a seasonal rush is a good business tactic, though it can lead to storage issues. Having a separate but close facility to manage and sort through your goods can lead to a clean and efficient business.

Similarly, our in-house inventory management database allows you to save time and money. Easily accessible online, our inventory services make for easier tracking and identifying which items are broken, sold, or need to be replaced. Having a team member who is able to focus their attention on your business instead of inventory issues decreases your cost of labor.

Easy Access to Your Goods

CRS Moving & Storage can house a variety of different items, including your merchandise, seasonal decorations, IT equipment, fragile technology, sensitive documents, and more. Our centrally-located facilities and 24/7 access mean you can swing by before, during, or after work for a glance at important documents or to grab a couple more boxes before tomorrow starts.

Our professional team of storage experts in New Jersey will help you organize your items to make the most of your space while also decreasing the chance of damage. By properly stacking and storing your items, you will be able to waste less time sorting through unidentified boxes for what you are looking for.

Beginning to End Services

Our mom-and-pop approach to the storage industry means that we are there with you every step of the way. After strategically planning the logistics of what your business needs, our team of movers can help package and relocate your items to your unit. We provide all materials needed for the move, despite fragility or size. Our team is even equipped to move and set up sensitive items, like IT equipment and other various technologies.

Additionally, CRS Moving & Storage offers professional cleaning and liquidation services. If you are in the process of storing goods and realize you are interested in disposal, our team will gladly incorporate that into your logistics plan. We offer recycling and donation assistance, as well as professional disposal for trickier items, like e-waste.

Contact Our New Jersey Commercial Storage Company Today

Hiring the wrong storage company can result in overpaying, long wait times, and damage to important goods. CRS Moving & Storage has been in the business of helping various companies like yours move and store their items for over 20 years, meaning we know how to take care of you and your business.

Consider CRS Moving & Storage when navigating the stresses of commercial storage. To speak with a professional today for free, use our online contact form or call us at (718) 424-6000.