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How to Use a Commercial Moving and Storage Company for Distribution for Your Business

February 27, 2023 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsBusinessCommercial Storage

A professional moving company can help with a lot more than just getting all of your business’s goods from point A to point B. Commercial companies like CRS Moving & Storage have specifically designed their business to be a one-stop shop for all of your moving and storage needs, including optimally-designed storage facilities, inventory management systems, and more. These additional perks have been included to keep up with the way modern businesses operate, including remote and hybrid working styles. 

If you are a small business or one that does not have excess storage space, keeping your merchandise in a commercial storage facility can provide great perks, like an increase in distribution efficiency. We have helped businesses with their moving and storage needs for over 20 years and would love to do the same for you. 

How Can a Commercial Moving and Storage Company Help With Distribution? 

If you are considering using a centrally-located storage company for your business’s distribution needs, CRS Moving & Storage can help with the three following aspects:

Properly Store Your Merchandise

As most businesses take off, you build as you go. A common storage place for many beginning small businesses is a garage. This may make sense for the time being, as it’s cheap and allows you to stack a bunch of boxes fairly out of the way. However, as you begin to build a brand and name for yourself, it may be time to switch it up to a professional storage facility. After all, you can’t distribute merchandise that has been destroyed or ruined by weather damage. 

Our units are perfectly catered to the size and quantity of your merchandise. Every unit is climate-controlled and has been built in a fireproof concrete and steel facility. Additionally, our professional storage team members are onsite and ready to help you properly stack and make the most of your space. 


Effective distribution relies on a constant understanding of where you currently stand with merchandise. Do you have enough inventory and supplies? Is anything broken? 

In an effort to save you both time and money, CRS Moving & Storages offers an inventory management system available to you online. This allows you to quickly check your inventory and maximize delivery and distribution to clients, which in turn increases customer satisfaction. 

Cost-Effective Services

Often, deciding to store your inventory in a facility is cheaper than attempting to purchase real estate to meet your growing business needs. Commercial real estate is expensive and is not designed to store your goods and merchandise. Deciding to partner with a moving and storage company provides you with a cost-effective alternative to the traditional distribution method of in-house merchandise placement. 

Consult With CRS Moving & Storage About Your Business’s Needs Today

Considering how a commercial moving and storage company can specifically help your business? Call CRS Moving & Storage today, where you can with one of our many professional moving and storage experts. Together, we can map out a logistics plan to chart exactly what we can do for the betterment of your business. Our goal is to take away the stress generally associated with moving and storing precious items. We understand the hard work and effort that goes into a business, and we are here to help you take your company to the next level. 

Consultations are free and can be done over the phone or through a video call. For more information on how we can help with distribution services specifically, all you have to do is ask. To speak with someone today, please feel free to use our online contact form or dial (718) 424-6000.

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