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Does a Clutter-Free Workspace Improve Productivity?

January 12, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCleaning

A clutter-free workspace improves productivity in many ways. Consider how long it takes you to locate a file on your computer or dig up an archived folder in the file cabinet. Little things add up during a workweek that impacts our environment and ultimately impacts the way we work. Getting organized doesn’t have to be a chore and can benefit your motivation, creative thinking, and mental health.

Decluttering your company’s workspace is an easy way to improve productivity. When you’re struggling with focus, creativity, and motivation, look at the way you organize your workspace. Are there papers piled up on your desk that distract you from work tasks? Is old, outdated equipment laying around and making you feel stagnant? When you start to notice these things, it’s time to consider some of the logistical and emotional benefits of tackling the task of decluttering your workspace. Here is a simple guide to organizing, decluttering, and reaping the benefits of a productive workspace.

What Are the Benefits of a Clutter-Free Workspace?

The workspace is the most important space in the company because that is where the work happens. Clutter, however, can impact the environment in many ways. It can affect focus, motivation, and behavior. Consider these benefits for decluttering your workspace:

  • Decrease stress and anxiety: Decluttering can give you and your employees peace of mind. You can avoid situations that require finding essential things in a time crunch or losing important information.
  • Improve productivity and motivation: As you declutter, you’ll be able to focus on tasks that matter instead of wasting time searching or scouring in a workday. Getting distracted by clutter can affect the time you could spend focusing on your work.
  • Increase sanitation: Messy workspaces often lead to neglected surfaces in terms of sanitation and cleanliness. Decluttering can help cultivate a more health-conscious work environment and decrease employees getting sick from touching unclean surfaces.

To improve productivity in the workplace and reap the additional benefits, consider routinely decluttering your workspace.

Where to Start Decluttering to Improve Productivity?

There are many places you can start with decluttering, but environments that impact you the most should be your priority. Once you finish decluttering those areas, you may want to continue with shared workspaces.

Your surroundings can include places like your desk, your personal filing system, your computer, or your office. Here are a few places you’ll want to consider decluttering.

Sort Physical Documents

Alphabetize or categorize important documents or folders living on your desk. Create tabs or sticky notes to differentiate information for a faster search of these documents. Make a pile of papers to shred if they contain sensitive information, and also have a list of papers that need recycling.

Sort Digital Folders and Documents

Organize your computer or laptop by folders and delete any information that is not needed. You may need to create archive folders by date for old information that you need access to at a later time. Keep in mind that the names of files are necessary so that you can locate them quickly.

Remove Large Unused Equipment or Furniture

Check your office and surroundings for old equipment and furniture that stifles productivity, space, and remains unused. Consider storing file cabinets that contain information that you haven’t needed to access in years. You may want to store these to create more space for new projects and clients. This step can rejuvenate your workspace.

Clean Where You’ve Decluttered

Sanitize neglected surfaces, especially spaces that are now free of clutter. Some of these places may have been unclean for months or even years. Even if it looks clean and dust free, wipe it down anyway.

Decluttering shared spaces is just as important as decluttering your own. A decluttered shared workspace creates synergy in the office because everyone knows where to locate items, papers, and reaps the benefits of a clean, sanitized work environment.

Additional Clutter-Free Tips to Improve Productivity

It can be difficult to motivate employees to clean their area and the workplace. Along with cleaning it yourself, there are a few ways you can get your team involved in the process.

  • Consider this as an opportunity to aid in team-building by having a “declutter” office day every so often. Making this a fun event can decrease the negative associations with decluttering and organization.
  • Consider incentives for keeping the office or workspace clean and organized.
  • Consider requiring a training session on laptop and computer organization.

With some encouragement and training, your workplace can get clean and stay clean.

Promote Productivity in the Workplace with Proper Storage

Decluttering can be an overwhelming process, especially if you haven’t taken the opportunity to do so in a long time. CRS Moving and Storage has a professional moving and storage team that can support and aid you in diminishing the clutter in your workspace. Our storage facilities cater to offices and workspaces of all sizes in New York City and surrounding areas. With over ten years of experience, we know the best ways to store what’s most important to your company.

As an expert moving and storage company, we want to assist you in creating a clutter-free workspace so you can benefit from the increase in productivity and wellbeing a clean, organized workspace brings. Call our office at 718-424-6000 for a free consultation and fill out our contact form today.

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