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Do Small Businesses Benefit From Commercial Storage?

November 28, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCommercial Storage

Small businesses are the backbone of the working class. They take tremendous effort, time, and dedication. A small business is typically made up of a tight-knit group of hardworking individuals doing what they love late into the night and on the weekends. As the blood, sweat, and tears begin to translate into more products and services being sold, your small business may find itself in need of a commercial storage unit. 

However, commercial storage costs money, and as a small business, you are always looking for ways to grow, not spend. You may have hesitations when it comes to taking the plunge and partnering with a local storage company, which is understandable. If you are currently weighing the option of commercial storage for your small business, our CRS Moving & Storage team would love to discuss the appropriate solution. 

The Benefits of Having Commercial Storage as a Small Business

A small business can be a costly endeavor that constantly leaves you pinching pennies. When it comes to making executive decisions, there is plenty to consider. Deciding whether or not to expand your small business through commercial storage comes with pros and cons, though the benefits of finding an affordable and high-quality moving and storage company to partner with cannot be understated. A few reasons your small business should consider when on the fence include: 

Saves Money

If you need extra storage space for equipment or a growing number of commercial products, a storage facility is the way to go. A typical office space is designed for work, not for storing goods or expensive tools or products. Storage units are often climate-controlled, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on your air conditioning bill. 

Additionally, a high-quality storage facility will provide 24/7 security, so you don’t have to worry about installing and monitoring cameras of your own. A typical storage unit, depending on what exactly you need to be moved and stored, may not take the same toll on your wallet as a larger office space would. 

Allows Flexibility

A storage unit allows you to be flexible with your business. If you have decided to downsize your space because the team has found they prefer remote work, a storage unit can hold onto the important documents while you save on money and space without panicking about the security of your information. Additionally, with a commercial storage unit available, you are able to: 

  • Travel freely without worrying about your office space
  • Have access to your materials 24/7 

This flexibility is sure to relieve some of the typical stressors of operating a full-time small business. 

Declutter Your Office Space

When you find your employees can’t get to the break room without tripping over documents or bumping their neighbor’s coffee onto the floor, do you pack up and purchase a significantly larger and more expensive office space downtown? Or do you keep your appropriately sized office and relocate your important documents to a climate-controlled storage facility? 

Workspaces are not usually designed with optimal storage in mind, and it may help declutter your office if you are able to move some of the more oversized, space-hogging items over to a local unit. 

Partner With an NYC Moving & Storage Company Today  

Juggling the stress of a small business is rewarding but can also be overwhelming. If you are considering commercial storage, a team member from CRS Moving & Storage can speak with you today about what your best option is. We will review your exact situation and provide an affordable and nearby storage space based on your needs. 

Our dedicated and qualified team understands how important a proper facility is to the future of your company. For a free consultation today, give us a call at (718) 424-6000 or use our online contact form.

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